Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gayad Gidden Kosheri

Apparently I'm really jealous that Bridget will be returning to Jordan this summer. That, or I'm just on a food kick. Either way I seem to think about food a lot. And write about food a lot. And eat food a lot. Maybe I'm just pregnant. Who knows?

For dinner, we made kosheri, a lovely Egyptian meal (and thus the gayad gidden instead of jayad jidden, both mean 'very good' but Egypt likes to use a hard 'g,' while in Jordan they use a soft 'g'--kind of like a 'j').

It is fairly simple to make, but oh, so very good. Josie was a bit wary at first because the sauce is typically served cold and she thought that was a little strange. Actually, the whole dish is often served cold, which I imagine would be really nice on a hot summer's day.

First you cook up some pasta (or use leftovers--that's what we did), rice, and lentils. Mix them together in approximately equal portions.

Blend together some tomatoes (sauce, diced, stewed, or otherwise unfresh), add some spices.

Serve cold, topped with fried onions (the only kind Andrew eats willingly).

Even with Josie's unamiable first impression of this dish, she decided that if Andrew and I ever move out to Cairo, she will definitely come and visit us and eat kosheri everyday. Yes, friends, it is that good. We all had seconds but there are still leftovers, so if you're in the mood...

...On second thought, I rescind that invitation. I'd rather keep all the leftovers for myself!

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  1. I think it's a pregnancy thing - I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to have very vivid food memories and cravings. And it's also a "grass is greener" thing - here's what I wrote about it way back when.