Saturday, March 17, 2007

...with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers...

Perhaps "They're coming to take me away" isn't an entirely appropriate title for this post, but it does involve flowers and basket weavers, among other things.

My cousin, Eric, I assume, is taking flower arranging. Yesterday he surprised my mom by leaving a beautiful flower arrangement on her desk, just for her. She thought that perhaps he meant to leave it there for her to look at it all day and then take it away to give to some girl, but no, he really just meant it to be for her. It is quite beautiful.

She invited Andrew and I over to see it/have dinner. Andrew had a fun time playing with the settings on our camera. It's really quite fun to have a digital camera because then you can take virtually as many pictures you want of something without having to worry about wasting money on film or developing pictures.

When we went over to my parent's house for David's birthday we also took some pictures of my dad's baskets. While Eric is busy learning how to arrange flowers, my dad is, seriously, taking a basket weaving class at BYU. Instead of calling it "Basket Weaving 101," they chose to call it, "Problems in Art 495R" or something like that. I suppose it is so students would take the class a little more seriously.

Dad is currently working on his last basket, so once he's finished, we plan on taking a few more pictures to share with you. I believe the one stained darker is called a "cat's head" basket. Yuck. He also made a melon basket, and one other, and now he's working on an egg basket. I never knew there were so many kinds of baskets.

And while we're into art, I have a few more pictures of projects that family members are quite pleased with.

This is Josie's piece of artwork that she made with clay. It is really very, very tiny, so I'm impressed that she got that much detail into her work. She shaped every pea individually, made little tines on her forks, and the cork comes off the bottle. Amazing, no? There's even a napkin ring.

Last, I have a picture that Andrew took while we were playing triominos. He really likes how he even captured the reflection of the triominoes on the table...

I am just surrounded by talented folks! What can I say?

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