Saturday, March 03, 2007

Personal Progress

Feeling rather bored and a little homemake-ish, Josie and I set off to improve ourselves this weekend.

Last night, I taught her to use the nifty-knitter while I re-taught myself to crochet beads onto socks (something I haven't done since like, I don't know...grade four or so). We worked on that for a while but didn't get too much accomplished. At eleven o'clock in the evening we ended up unraveling the hat Josie was working on (she had made quite a few mistakes and it was rather lumpy) and throwing down the socks I was working on.

We decided that we would be much more successful in the morning, and we were...but more toward the afternoon.

Instead of being crafty, we spent our morning at my friend Kelli's house helping her conquer the fox trot. Josie had a fun time playing with Kelli's 4-month-old daughter, while Kelli and I busied ourselves with box steps and twinkles, trying not to trip over her two-year-old who was twirling around the room with us, only a little out of step.

Kelli and her husband will be performing the fox trot with Andrew and I (and a few other couples) at our stake "So you think you can dance" event. Other couples will be performing the polka, cha cha, virginia reel, and square dance. There are rumors that the youth will be doing some Hawaiian dancing and some other cool ethnic dances. If you want to come and see us make fools of ourselves (we haven't actually danced for a number of years), we'll be performing on April 6th and 7th at our Stake Center. It's probably at 7:00 pm, but we don't have that information yet.

After our dance practice, Josie and I came home and Josie commenced finishing a beautiful baby hat, I picked up the sock that I had given up on, and Andrew programmed a Yahtzee game for one of his computer classes. It was a very quiet afternoon. We were all concentrating a little too much. I would ask a question and Josie would say, "Yeah....oh...what?" while Andrew would not even respond. If you were lucky you might get a grunt out of him.

But we made a lot of progress. By three o'clock my socks were done, Josie had finished her hat and Andrew had worked out all the background details of his program!

The program
When we were all done with our projects, I made us take a lunch break. Andrew wasn't talking in coherent sentences so it was obvious he needed a break. We had leftover falafel and foul. We also talked about Personal Progress. Josie was wondering if learning how to cook meals and knit hats would count toward any of her goals. Since she didn't have her book with her, we broke out my old book and looked at all of the goals. We decided that we could definitely work in some meal cooking and hat making to the system. She was pretty excited about that.

After lunch we headed all the way to North Orem to do a Layton/Heiss drive-by. We stopped by my parent's house first to upload some songs on Josie's iPod and find her Personal Progress booklet. While her iPod was busying itself, we headed to the Real Heiss's to find some more yarn to work with--Karen's selection is much grander than my own. Then we headed back to my parent's to retrieve Josie's iPod and find a journal for her to write in. While we were at the respective households we got some visiting done, and my mom phoned from Pittsburgh. How's that for multi-tasking?

When we got home we again started on our projects. Andrew sat down and started drawing the dice for his program. Josie started her second hat. I started dinner and read the Personal Progress goals to Josie and circled all the ones that she liked. I'd wager that she could get done at least seven goals this weekend with all the cooking, cleaning, and sewing I've made her do! She just has to read some scriptures to go along with that and she'd be good to go!

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