Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nice, very nice!

We got new neighbours across the hall awhile back. They're pretty cool, except that I'm not sure how they all fit in the house. They have two little boys and a little girl. One of the boys is in school but the other two kids are home all day. As far as I can figure, they must have all the kids in the master bedroom and have the smaller bedroom to themselves. Otherwise, I don't know where they would put all their kids. Not that three children is a lot of children, just that three children who are all talking and walking in a house this size is a lot.

Andrew and I were coming home from school today and just as we were going into our apartment, they were coming out to play--in the rain. The little girl looked up at me and said to her mother, "She's nice."

Andrew kind of pouted and said, "I'm nice, too."

"Yes," said her mother, "He's nice, too."

The little girl didn't fall for it. She shook her head slightly, pointed to me, and emphasized to her mother, "She's very nice."

And there we have it. The results are in. It's unanimous. There is no way I'm going to demand a recount.

Andrew wasn't very happy though. In fact, he was kind of offended. He kept bringing things up while we were having dinner, like the fact that he always makes funny faces at her at church.

I pointed out to him that that could be the reason she's not so fond of him. His funny faces can be pretty scary. He has this habit of making little girls scared of him, but after awhile they get used to him. Case(s) in point: Lexi, Savannah, Piper, etc.

They all were pretty wary of him at first (because of the funny faces, I'm sure) but warmed up to him. It just took 24 hours of endless contact before they realized that he was not scary. And then they became his new best friend.

Give it time, Andrew, we can't all be naturals.


  1. There is a family in our stake, who live in a 525 square foot 2 bedroom apartment... with FOUR kids!!! I cannot even imagine...

  2. AND the kids are all about a year apart, the oldest is about 4. !!!

    Crazy grad students! :)