Friday, January 09, 2009

Flashback Friday: Can I have your room?

We recently got back from our friend Braiden's mission post-church open house. It was awesome. Pretty much everyone in the branch was there, except for the Penrods (because someone in their family broke their hand) and the Brunets (because they were watching the Penrods that didn't go to the hospital). The food was great, the company was great. It was fun.

I was talking to Megan about how she felt that her brother was leaving for 2 years.

"Do you know what the worst part is?" I asked her, "He shares a bedroom with Ryan!"

"Why is that the worst part?"

"Well, because you won't get his bedroom!" I answered.

Seriously, when my brother left for his mission his room went up for grabs immediately.

That isn't to say there were no tears shed at the airport; I think we all cried when we dropped him off. It is to say, though, that the minute we got back to the house we went down to the basement and moved all the bedrooms around.

I think my mom started the project more as a way to get her mind off the fact that her little baby was taking off to Brazil for 2 years and that the President Christensen prayed that the plane wouldn't fall apart or malfunction on the way down, and that he'd be free from illness and insect bites and spider bites and snake bites and rat bites and dog bites and...bird bites.

Let's just say that had my brother not been blessed with all he was blessed with when he was set apart that he would have had several more mishaps on his mission.

I mean, when he landed in Brazil a panel inside the plane dislodged and landed on some seats. Things could have been a lot worse. The whole plane could have fallen apart mid-flight. You never know.

Anyway, since I already had my own room I just kept mine as it was. Patrick and Josie did a big swap up, though. Josie moved into Patrick's room, and Josie Patrick moved into David's room. At least, I think that's what happened. I can't remember because all I cared about was keeping my own room. And I did, so I was happy.

The same thing happened when I got married. Because I had been smart enough to keep my own room when David left my territory was still clearly marked when he got home from his mission. So he moved into Patrick's bedroom. When I got married, about a year later, David claimed my bedroom. I still haven't figured out why since he doesn't even live at home...

In other news, I just discovered that my fly was down. It's almost 9 PM. We went to the Bestor's at 3 PM...and I just noticed it was down now.

"Oh, my fly is down!" I said while I pulled it up.

"Oh, yeah!" said Andrew, "I meant to tell you that. You didn't do up your zipper when you put on your pants."

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah, I noticed when we first got to the Bestor's and you were talking to Melissa, but then I saw the cookies and I was like, 'Whoa! Cookies!' and then I forgot to tell you."

"You mean," I asked, "That my zipper was down for six hours and you knew it and you never told me?"

"But there were cookies..."

Yes, and my fly was down for six hours and the whole branch was there to see it!


  1. Too funny. And also you wrote that Josie moved into Patrick's room AND that Josie moved into David's room. I know that she can take over space if she wants to, but I am not sure what you mean.

  2. Hey! You forgot, "...and the Lewises who are sinners and went to Luxor instead of church."

    I totally would have told you about your fly, no matter about the cookies. And you know how I feel about cookies.

  3. I don't really know what I mean. All I know is that the minute we got home from the airport we started swapping rooms. :) I'm sure Patrick was taking over some space there, too...

    And thanks, Sara. I'm glad to know you would have told me my fly was down...even if you are a sinner. :) You're a real friend!

    @Andrew - Why don't you marry those cookies!? (just kidding)

  4. At least your skirt wasn't like tucked into your underwear, or you forgot underwear....wait I did that one.....I love when you right things that crack me up at work!

  5. Haha. That's hilarious. Was Andrew in the dog house? Or should I say, the cookie house? :)

  6. about the fly...

    Whenever that happens to me I just think, "The embarassment is a small price to pay for the luxury of wearing pants."

    Can you believe that for CENTURIES, it was only appropriate for women to wear dresses/skirts!!! I'm of the opinion that even having to wear them on Sunday is TOO MUCH!!!

  7. Hilarious. The bedroom-claiming is a tricky business. I thought I was so smart when I claimed my brother's room when he left for college, but then when he came back in between college and mission, I was relegated to the laundry room. It backfired.

    I hope the cookies were good.

  8. @Bridget The laundry room? That's harsh.

    Yes, those cookies were delicious. I would have one for breakfast now, but we ate them all yesterday. Rats.

  9. "whoa cookies!" are cookies are rarity? It amazes me what a little sugar will do to a man's brain. :)

  10. You know, I claimed your room when I was still living at home.