Monday, January 12, 2009

What does a ________ say?

Here's a little video of Rachel that we put together a few weeks ago. It's taken us so long to get it up because our internet connection is so shoddy and we've never been able to connect long enough for the entire video to upload. Today was just our lucky day, I guess.

This is just a sampling of the noises she knows how to make. There are others that we'll have to catch later. She's just too funny with how and what she chooses to communicate these days. Like when I blew on her stomach when I was getting her ready for bed and then she signed "more," pointed to her stomach, and went "Phhhhllllpphh!" blowing spit all over the place.

I, of course, couldn't resist her request and blew on her stomach again.

Anyway, Nancy is whining about me staying up too late with the computer again, so I had better get off to bed. Here's that video we promised:


  1. How cute! Emmy loved watching Rachel and would answer for her if she was too slow. :) She keeps saying, "More! More!" It's so fun to see how much these girls are alike. Emmy just ended the pantomime phase (my favorite!) and is now speaking sentences. It happened overnight!

  2. Wow! What a smart girl! She is so big now. Adorable. I love the camel impression. Richard's favorite is the lion.

  3. Personally, I enjoyed the fish and the lion. And the smile not for the camera :)

  4. Robby loved watching Rachel's video and wanted to watch it several times! She's getting so grown up!