Thursday, January 01, 2009

Heissatopia Zeitgeist 2008

Continuing in our (re: my) tradition of nerdiness, here's this year's statistical analysis of our blog traffic, courtesy of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Excel. (No Feedburner stats this year. They've quit keeping archived statistics of burned RSS feeds and only go back one month. Drat.)

Heissatopia did go through some major technical growing pains this year, primarily the domain name Our Google ranking and Technorati authority, however piddly they were, were decimated earlier this year. We're back up to where we were on Google--higher, actually--but Technorati hates us. That's okay. I don't like them.

So, without further ado, here's the annual Zeitgeist...

Blog statistics

Total posts: 538

Top posters:
Nancy: 511 posts (94.98%)
Andrew: 24 posts (4.46%)
Rachel: 2 posts (0.37%)
Karen: 1 posts (0.19%)

Total number of comments: 1992
Average comments per post: 3.7
Number of posts with no comments: 31

RSS subscribers: 62

Most discussed posts:
Waxing Political (23)
1 month, 1 week, and 1 day (20)
Something lives in my ceiling (20)
FAQ (17)
Utah Lake Pictures (15)
Enough! (14)
Dahshur: Inside the Pyramids (14)
Today was awful (13)
Ants, Ants, Ants, Ants (13)
Our Apartment (13)
Wedding Cake Question (13)
Fall Festivities (12)
Careful what you say (12)
Grad School and Visa Pictures (12)
The One and Only Cheerio (12)

Top searches:
salsa recall
kangaroo zoo coupon
kangaroo zoo coupons
"myrna layton" knocked out
gloria's little italy
baby hairy ears

Label cloud as of today:

Picture 7

Visitor information

Overall site visitors over the past year:
Picture 1 (That peak in February was when I set up the Google Chat widgets in our sidebar and mentioned it on Lifehacker. We were lifehackered.)

Absolute unique visitors: 8,003
Visits: 27,014
Pageviews: 42,699
Average Time on Site: 01:46

Visitor geography

Top countries:
Picture 6

United States (84.77%)
Egypt (4.02%)
Canada (3.22%)
United Kingdom (2.68%)
Australia (0.47%)
India (0.44%)
Germany (0.44%)
South Korea (0.04%)
France (0.037%)
Pakistan (0.015%)

Top states:
Picture 5
Utah (69.84%)
Arizona (4.00%)
California (2.68%)
Nevada (2.58%)
Washington (2.48%)
Texas (1.96%)
Virginia (1.46%)
New York (1.44%)
North Carolina (0.99%)
Colorado (0.96%)

Picture 3

Internet Explorer - 49.45%
Firefox - 43.07%
Safari - 6.36%
Opera - 0.34%
Chrome - 0.32%

Operating systems:
Windows - 87.49% (79.24% XP, 20.06% Vista)
Macintosh - 11.72%
Linux - 0.52%
iPhone - 0.11%

While searching the logs of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, I discovered that some Chinese photosharing website actually linked to one of our pictures--Rachel and I on opposing laptops. Careful at the link--there are some weird, semi-inappropriate pictures also shared there. The things that happen on these internets!


  1. baby hairy ears? Really?

    I was hoping you would do this post again this year. Thanks! I enjoyed reading all your interesting, nerdy stats.

  2. Andrew, We would love to learn how to do these statistics for our blog! We didn't know that Google did this! Please share....:)

  3. @Bridget - The hairy ears are left over from a post from last year,

    I guess enough people are concerned about hairy baby ears. Weird :)

  4. I am not so pleased to see my name on the list of top searches...what's up with that? Who are these people, and why are they searching using MY name?

    In other news, I can't post at all on your blog from Dad's computer, nor can I post on Irish's blog from Dad's computer--you both have the same comment set up. So there is another thing I don't understand.

  5. okay, you are a bit of a nerd but that's cool that you can get those statistics. I hope you guys had a good Christmas and New Year.

  6. Do I get my very own dot for Spanish Fork? How thrilling!

  7. Actually, I'm the one who searched "baby hairy ears". Matthew had hairy ears when he was born and I didn't know if that was normal--I was shocked that your blog was the 2nd hit on Google! Haha!

    Mystery solved! :)

  8. Does it throw off your statistics if I comment on a 2009 post in 2010?