Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, La, La...Lavoratory

While dining at Oh, La La's we decided we should make use of their restrooms. We sat down and looked at their menu and then I took Rachel potty. She wouldn't go. So I came back and we ordered our food. Then I sent Andrew to take Rachel potty. She wouldn't go. So he came back and our food came. We ate.

Andrew finished before me, like he usually does, so I sent him to try to have Rachel use the potty. Again she wouldn't go. When he came back and I had finished my meal, Rachel and I headed off to try to use the potty once more while Andrew paid the check.

The restaurant workers must have thought we were crazy, going to the bathroom that many times!

Rachel was adamant that she didn't have to go, even though she hadn't gone all the live long day. I got her all ready to go on the potty, but she hardly sat down for a second before she squirmed off again. So I gave up. You can lead a girl to the potty, but you can't make her pee.

I was just turning on the taps to wash my hands when I saw Rachel out of the corner of my eye. She was playing with a shelf. It looked pretty sturdy, but I guess it wasn't. My peripheral vision isn't great. My lenses only work for looking straight ahead, so I'm pretty much blind out of the corner of my eyes and I really shouldn't trust what I see...

That "shelf" was actually a ladder, and not just your wimpy aluminum ladder, either. That would have been too lucky. This one was a heavy-duty multi-fold ladder and it fell on top of Rachel with a loud *CRACK!*

I whirled around before I had even stuck my hands in the water.

Rachel had pulled the ladder right on top of herself. As luck would have it, she landed sitting up with her head and torso poking through the rungs. The ladder was only on her legs. I was so afraid it had squashed her altogether, though the loud *crack* should have alerted me otherwise. Would it have made that cracking sound if it had been cushioned by her body? I don't know. I don't care to find out, either.

I rushed over and lifted the ladder from her, with some effort. Man, was it was heavy.

We were both pretty scared. Rachel was screaming and I was shaking. I took Rachel out to Andrew and we checked her up and down for any sign of injury. She seemed to be alright, so I went back and washed my hands and put everything that had been on the "shelf" back.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons I didn't enjoy our Oh, La La! experience. Seriously, who puts an unsteady multi-fold ladder in the bathroom and then decorates it as a shelf, with toilet paper and pretty little bathroom things on the rungs? Who thinks it is professional behavior to ignore loud banging and crying sounds coming from their restrooms? Who did not even bid us a good day?

The folks down at Oh, La La! Cafe, that's who.

I'm sure I could have/should have been watching Rachel a little more closely, but you'd think the staff would at least ask if everything was alright. Instead they just looked at us coldly from the counter. It was a disappointing experience to say the least, both in food and in customer service.


  1. :) So much for leaving Cairo for civilisation...

  2. I was trying to watch you guys from their point of view--they must have thought you were crazy! :o)