Thursday, January 29, 2009

She found the golden ticket!

We had a games night at our house tonight. A new couple just moved here and we wanted to meet them/welcome them into the branch/socialize, that kind of thing. Since they've only been here for like 2 days and have been staying downtown, Rachel and I went out to the metro station so that we could walk them back to our apartment.

I explained to Rachel, several times actually, that we weren't going to take the metro, that we were just there to wait for some new friends.

She didn't quite get the concept.

"Go! Go!" she'd say, grasping my hand and tugging me towards the door.

After failing to convince her that we weren't going to ride the metro I started trying to convince her that we couldn't ride the metro.

"We can't go," I'd say, "We don't have a ticket."

Nothing was going to dissuade her from having her metro ride. As soon as those last words escaped my lips, Rachel was off like a rocket. At first I wasn't sure what she was doing, but it was obvious she had a purpose.

Finally she ran up to me, absolutely beaming.

"Ah! Titit!" she exclaimed, thrusting a discarded, ratty metro ticket into my hand. She pointed valiantly to the entrance and commanded me to "GO!"

Then I had to explain to her that, although we now had a ticket we still couldn't use the ticket because it wasn't valid anymore, having already been used. That was tricky. Pretty much impossible, really.

She didn't see the problem. We had a ticket. Why was I being so unreasonable?

We were on the very cusp of a terrific meltdown when our new friends arrived. Rachel couldn't really understand why I was calling them "friends" before we'd even met them, but she took to Jaehee right away. I think it's pretty safe to say that we're friends now. Even Rachel likes them!


  1. I like that story. I'm surprised at how much she actually does understand.

  2. See, she knew EXACTLY what she was doing! You obviously need to get with her program!

  3. That's cute. It is so amazing what kids comprehend, and don't.