Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flashback Friday...on Saturday: Packing Fiascos

How did it get to be Saturday already? I leave for Spain in just a few minutes and I've been wildly packing and cleaning all day. Perhaps if I had started a few days in advance it wouldn't be such a chore the day of departure. But traveling is more adventurous when you forget things.

My family often went down to Utah when we lived in Alberta. We went at least once a year, if not more. This particular trip was a "girl's trip." Me, my mom, Abra, and Josie were going. It was probably for a nephew's baby blessing. I don't think it was the time we all went down when Matthew was born, but it might have been when Andrew was born. I just remember that it was kind of warm-ish, so it couldn't have been December.

Anyway, we were all very well prepared and had our suitcases packed and right ready to go. We set them in the living room by the stairs so that we wouldn't forget to load them in the car. My mom and dad did that part to make sure that everything fit properly and wouldn't fall over while we were driving.

We checked once or twice to make sure that we had everything and then we were off.

It was only when we had arrived in Utah and unpacked the car that we noticed we were missing the suitcase my mom had packed for Josie and herself. It simply was not in the car. (I believe this was the same trip that Abra forgot to pack underwear...)

We phoned home and had the boys check around the house. They couldn't find the suitcase, either. And it wouldn't have mattered if they could because we were all the way in Utah. Our only choice was to do a little clothes shopping. We headed out to Target and got a few days worth of clothes for my mom and Josie, some underwear for Abra, and a new shirt for me (so that I wouldn't feel left out, I guess).

At the end of everything, when we arrived back home, we found that the suitcase had been shoved under the desk/filing cabinet combo we had in the living room. We can only assume the culprit was Josie because since no one else remembered putting it there and she was the only one young enough to do something like that and not realize the consequences. So she got the blame.

Now, I've heard of people forgetting toothbrushes (David), and underwear (Abra, Karen), or even pyjamas (I have done that on more than one occasion), but forgetting your entire suitcase? That's special.

I wonder what we forgot this time. I'm sure we forgot something. And we'll have to make due without it, as long as we remembered to bring everything else.

What's the worst thing you've forgotten when going on a trip?


  1. Um, that was me...hahaha I pushed it under the metal cabinet thing that was by the banister because I either thought it was in the way, or we would forget it ( I though tit would be in plain sight under the cabinet because it was visible from the entryway.)

  2. Have so much fun in Spain!

    My little brother forgot shoes one time. How is that even possible?

  3. I dreamt last night that we went somewhere for a week, and I forgot my contact case and solution. Does that count?

  4. I have two comments:

    1. We actually stopped in Raymond to visit our grandparents there and stay overnight. That was when we discovered the suitcase was missing, and called home, and they couldn't find it either. My mom opened her cedar chest and found pjs to lend to Josie, and she gave me a couple of pairs of socks so we wouldn't have to buy EVERYTHING.

    2. Remember the trip to CA to take the kitten to Melinda? You and Andrew had just been married a month or two. Josie forgot to pack shoes, a skirt and a hairbrush. We were close enough to home that we could have gone back, but with the kitten on board, we just wanted to forge ahead. Josie scrounged around in the car, under the seat, and found that indeed, she had stashed some flip-flops there, so we were okay on the shoe front. I think we borrowed an extra brush from you; and Jenna and I went to the mall on Saturday night and bought Josie a new dress.

    Do you think she does these things on purpose? Look at the new clothes she gets out of it.

  5. Myrna, you may be on to something there... haha.

  6. I arrived at an out-of-state business trip to find no shirts in my suitcase. None at all. Luckily, I had time to run out in the shirt I had worn on the plane to buy a few day's worth of shirts before the business meetings started.

  7. My mum once forgot our passports on a trip to England :)