Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Costume happenings

I'm not finished with Rachel's dog mask yet—and won't for a while now because I don't want her to try it on until after she's better—but I'm quite happy with how it's coming together. We saw the idea on Etsy, didn't want to spend $15 (+S/H) for a few pieces of felt and decided to attempt it ourselves. We worked out the pattern on paper and then transferred it to felt (scraps that I got from a friend) and, so far, it seems to be coming together just fine.

I'm hand-stitching it because although I have a sewing machine (it might be my grandma's maybe?) I don't know how to use one and they terrify me. I'll learn one day...

For one of my costumes I need a pair of black shoes. I don't really have a pair of black shoes (the ones I do have are prone to fly off my feet which simply will not do for this particular dance) and, let's face it, shoes are expensive. But I found a pair of ballet shoes on Amazon for like two bucks (+S/H, but that was only $5 so I figured for a grand total of $7 I could try them).

Part of the reason they are so cheap, I think, is because they are technically children's size, but I often buy shoes from the kids' section so I just measured my foot and found a size that fit me. I selected size 7 M US BIG KID slippers (28.4 cm long).

They came in the mail today and I excitedly opened the packaged, thinking that today would be a great day to break them in. But, no. They sent me size 7 M US TODDLER (14 cm long). It was quite a letdown.

But I sent them a message (after double checking my order to make sure I really did order the big kid size (I did)) and they're going to fix it so sometime in the next week and a half I should have slippers that fit. It didn't sound like they want these ones back so I guess Zoë can wear them when she grows into them.


  1. :) buying ballet shoes is such a pain when you can't try them on. The day before Sadie's recital her's disappeared. She came home with some else's and when I told them she must have mine she claimed she had no idea where they were. So I'm running to the one studio in town that carries them with a foot cut out. They ended up a little big :-/ I'm impressed though that it looks like you could almost wear those.