Monday, March 28, 2016

The rest of Easter

The rest of our Easter Sunday was beautiful--we all went down for a nice, long rest time, and it was divine. Here we are before rest time:

And here are the kids discovering a trail of Easter eggs on the stairs on their way down for rest time. Each egg has a symbol and scripture from the Easter narrative (we made them for FHE last year and I kept them). The eggs led them down both flights of stairs.

I have been up and down these stairs so many times. We don't have stairs in our house so having two flights of stairs (with the "main" area being on the top floor) has taken a bit of getting used to! It's a bit of a workout!

Once down stairs, the kids quickly found their Easter baskets. They were meagerly stuffed this year, but the kids were happy to have anything at all since we'd just about convinced them that the Easter Bunny must have visited our house without realizing that we were out of town. Of course, only 1/3 of our children actually believe in the Easter Bunny these days. Our big girls are great at playing along though.

My friend Jill was clearing out some old toys from her kids and offered them to me, so I kept some aside for Easter. The girls got a piranha game and Benjamin got a set of cars from the movie Cars. He was super excited!

The kids also got some candy, of course--chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs.

All Zoë got in her basket was a couple of empty plastic eggs to play with. She was perfectly happy with that!

Here she is getting some last minute pre-nap snuggles from Grandma:

I was able to get her to sleep for more than an hour--right in the middle of the afternoon! She's been a rather wretched sleeper lately and was well overdue for a good nap!

(By the way, Andrew suggested that I read Seven Last Words: An Invitation to a Deeper Friendship with Jesus by James Martin, SJ, over this Easter weekend, so I did, and it was very good).

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