Thursday, March 31, 2016

OBX: Chilling at the Beach House

Back at the beach house I took the little ones out on the porch to swing. Zoë was in an interesting mood where she was enjoying everything so immensely that she'd throw a little fit when any given activity was over.

She had so much fun swinging with Benjamin:

It was a little bright but the sunshine was so warm. I guess we could have gone to the swing on the other side of the house to escape the sun...but then things wouldn't have been so warm.

We left the swing (cue Zoë meltdown) to play on the beach for a bit. Zoë had so much fun crawling around in the sand while Benjamin and Rachel did their best to build a lighthouse out of sand (Miriam elected not to join us on the beach this afternoon),

I love this picture mostly because of how adoringly Rachel is looking at her baby sister:

When everyone else was ready to leave the beach Zoë still wanted to stay but we made her leave anyway (cue Zoë meltdown). The good news was I gave her a nice warm bath to warm her up and rinse all the sand off of her. She got to splash and play and have so much fun but eventually it was time to get out and dry off (cue yet another Zoë meltdown). The poor girl was melting down left and right (but having a 100% good time between meltdowns).

We had a very quiet evening with the kids all squirreled away in far off nooks in the house. Miriam was off playing on her Kindle somewhere and Rachel disappeared to the basement with Benjamin for a long time. When they finally came back upstairs, Rachel presented us with this:

She's turning into quite the little artist. Somehow Rachel had convinced Benjamin to sit still long enough for her to draw his portrait. How she did it I will never know because I can't get him to sit still for more than three seconds. He was kind enough to show me how he sat so nicely for her:


  1. Great drawing, Rachel!

    I've enjoyed reading about your trip!

  2. Wow. Rachel is like both talented and magical. Amazing portrait and amazing that he sat still!