Saturday, March 19, 2016

The messiest game of peek-a-boo

Zoë had refried beans and avocado for dinner, which made quite the mess! When she was finished eating she decided she wanted to play peek-a-boo with everyone who was still eating (who can resist a captive audience?), which only made things messier.

Where's Zoë? I have no idea because she's such a good hider!

Oh, here she is!

And here she is wondering, "Am I hiding or peeking? I can't remember..."

Still not quite sure...hide or peek...hide or peek?

Oh, hiding! Yes, I'm pretty sure that's where we left off!

Here she is a little confused again:

This game is hilarious.

And here she is laughing at her equally hilarious siblings:


  1. Oh my gosh, look at all these teeth. She is cracking me up with those beans. So what is going on with that hair.... :)

    1. It seems to be blonde (though there's still NOTHING on top).

      I'm still holding out that some of my traits will show up...but it seems like my genes have been lying dormant since circa 2007.