Friday, March 18, 2016

Pullen Park

Hi! I have not written a post on here before goes nothing!  So, today we wanted to go somewhere, and grandma asked me if we had been to Pullen Park yet. I said "nope". And Grandma said "seriously! You haven't been to Pullen Park yet?!" I said "nope". I asked Mom,who was writing a blog post, if we could go to Pullen Park. Mom said "maybe". So I went to go play with Miriam. After a while Miriam told me to go to Moms chair. Mom told me to look up Pullen Park.I did,and this is what I found:
  • 408 Ashe Ave,Raleigh,NC
  • 72 acres in area
  • open 10 AM- 6 PM
  • opened March 22 1887
  • Rides:Carousel,Kiddie and pedal boats,Train
So we packed up,got in the car, and drove away.
   When we got to Pullen Park,we got tickets and rode on the Carousel.I chose a horse that was chestnut brown and  went up and down. (Miriam and grandma accidentally chose ones that didn't) so after we got off, grandma said we would go again because of that. After, we went to the playground and played for a while. Then we went to the train.Benji really liked it,and so did Zoe.(I did to)
We got off  the train and rode the Kiddie boats.They were boring.Then we rode the Carousel again.We went to the park to play. Miriam and I were playing,and I was speed walking down a play hill they have when BAM I tripped and fell!On my face (well chin) and hands and knees!One lady asked if I was okay and I said yes and ran away to Mom. Then we left and went to Chick-fil-A.


  1. I'm glad you are OK, Rachel!

    Going to the park sounds like a nice way to spend this pretty day. Have a good weekend.

  2. Nice writing, Rachel! I remember going to going somewhere when your Auntie Kelli and Auntie Abra were little and they rode on the kiddie boats, and you should have seen their faces. They had thought it would be fun but clearly they found it super boring! Lesson learned: kiddie boats are fun for little kiddies but not for big kids! Glad you had a fun day, and sorry about your face plant!