Saturday, March 10, 2018


Zoë has recently discovered Frozen and she loves it, which means we're back to listening to the Frozen soundtrack 24/7 (that was so 2013). The upside, I suppose, is that I already know pretty much every word to pretty much every song, which makes me pretty much the coolest mom in the world.

Today we got a big box of bandaids in the mail—huge, really—because when we were signing up for insurance this summer the insurance people made it sound like a Flex Spending Account was a great idea and that with the pregnancy/delivery/prescriptions/so many kids we'd definitely spend it all.

Alas, we ended up buying like $500 of assorted bandaids and other first aid equipment just so we wouldn't "lose" the rest of the money in our FSA because we didn't end up using it at all.

So we're probably not doing that again.

I mean, on the plus side this means that our insurance is pretty good and didn't leave us with a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. The downside, however, is that we have a lot of bandaids. When Andrew ordered the bandaids he got a bunch of Star Wars ones and a bunch of Frozen ones.

Zoë grabbed the Frozen bandaids when I took them out of the box.

"Frozen bandaids?!" she squealed before frantically searching her body for some previously ignored owie, only to come up with nothing. "Aw, dang it!" she said, which is currently her go-to phrase of disappointment for some reason (do any of us say that often enough for her to have picked up on? I haven't noticed). "I have no owies, Mom."

I assured her there would be plenty of Frozen bandaids left for her to use the next time she gets hurt because (a) she gets hurt frequently enough and (b) she's got a corner on the market because we have three boxes of Frozen bandaids but her siblings only want to use the Star Wars ones.

At bedtime she was thrilled to discover a spot on her ankle that had been rubbed raw (from refusing to wear socks with her boots, I'm sure), so I slapped an Olaf bandaid on her and she went to bed a very satisfied customer!

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