Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Zoë goes to kindergarten

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Zoë because we got to visit Benjamin's class. She worried about getting ready the entire morning, primping and preening and fussing over her outfit and hair. 

Here she is brushing her hair (my favourite parts are "Fink le kids will like it?" with that proud look at the end and the way she keeps looking up to check her part):

She wore a too-small dress with a skort underneath and some "bloomers" for one of her church dresses underneath that. And she was very proud of her outfit (she was pretty sure the kids would like it).

She walked the whole way to school, pushing her baby in a little stroller:

I took the double stroller just in case she decided she didn't want to walk anymore (and it was a good thing, too, because she tripped on the way home and skinned her knees, so she definitely needed a lift).

Without her throwing a fit right before it was time to go (as she usually does), we ended up with a little extra time on our hands so we went to the playground before going to the school. Zoë couldn't resist taking an extra detour to frolic in a patch of leftover snow.

And here's a shot of a tiny, little Zoë pushing her stroller past those great, big mountains:

Being back in a kindergarten classroom was interesting. I haven't been in a kindergarten classroom, not really, since Rachel was in kindergarten. And I haven't tried teaching a kindergarten class since...Russia (2004). It was hilarious. Kindergarteners are not afraid to let themselves be known.

All I needed to get twenty-two kindergarteners to do was fill out a little paper for Teacher Appreciation Week. In a half hour. With a toddler sidekick. And a baby. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy...ha!

There was one little boy who cried about everything (seriously everything; every step of the way he wailed, "I need help!"). There was the token tattletale ("Some kids are throwing their pencils."). There were the kids completely on task and the kids who were goofing off. There were the kids who wanted to know everything about me and my dog ("I don't have a dog, honest.") and the kids who wouldn't even make eye contact.

And when we got to the question, "What does your teacher like best about school?" there were the kids who said things like, "Reading us stories!" and "Singing songs with us!" 

And then there was the slightly too-rambunctious little boy who confidently raised his hand and answered, "ME!" (That would be Benjamin).

It was a little chaotic but we got the job done. And it's always good to be reminded why we appreciate our kindergarten teachers so much (and all teachers, I suppose).

Zoë was not as excited to leave the house this morning. I guess she needs a social engagement to motivate her to get dressed.

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