Monday, March 26, 2018

Let's go Duke!

I think Duke is out of the March Madness running as of today, but the kids were sure rooting for them earlier this week. Gavin wore a Duke shirt and track pants on Thursday so when Zoë got dressed she picked out the very same outfit. She was so excited to be twins with Gavin!

When she isn't feeling overwhelmed with feelings of frustration over needing to share her things/space/time ("I don't want Gavin to live at my house anymore!" she wailed once), she adores Gavin. "You're my best friend!" she told him on Friday night when the little kids were trying to have a sleepover in the basement (Zoë gave up after about fifteen minutes but the boys stuck with it the whole night).

They're pretty cute cousins.

And that was one intense hug!

As if having Gavin and Zoë run around in matching outfits wasn't bad enough, Benjamin also picked out a Duke shirt on Thursday. So when Riley showed up to play I couldn't help but pull out an extra Duke shirt for him to wear as well. Our basement was overridden by Blue Devils!

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