Saturday, March 24, 2018

Everything's coming out Annie!

After weeks of rehearsals and a handful of performances, Annie is over. Rachel was thrilled on Thursday to not have to wear makeup to school. She started crying on Wednesday morning while I was in the middle of doing her eye makeup; I was like, "Gah! Stop. Why are you crying? Stop!" as makeup started racooning (real term) around her eyes. She really did not want to wear makeup to school (at least not that much makeup). She did, however, have to wear makeup Thursday evening. 

She did her own lipstick and blush because I had to go to gamelan before dinner and she didn't want to put lipstick on before dinner. Here's a picture my friend Kara took of Rachel at Thursday's performance:

Kate the orphan, Rachel the New Yorker, Kenzie the maid (with Annie photobombing)
I gave her a quick interview on Thursday evening while I was tucking her in. 

Interviewer: Are you happy it's over or are you going through withdrawals?
Rachel: I'm happy it's over.

I: What was your favourite song of the show?
R: Easy Street!

I: You didn't even sing that song!
R: No. I only sang NYC, You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, and Tomorrow. But we'd act out all the parts backstage so we know all the songs and that's my favourite one.

I: What are you going to do with all your spare time now?
R: I dunno.

I: Chores? Practice the piano?
R: *moans*

I: So, you said you're happy it's over, but the real question is: Would you do it again?
R: Totally!

She had a lot of fun rehearsing, performing, and hanging out with her friends. Here are a few pictures I took on Wednesday night (when Alexander, Zoë, Benjamin, Andrew, Naanii, Auntie Josie, Uncle Patrick, Rosie, Auntie Emily, Gaving, Arwyn, and I all showed up to watch her show). They're mostly with the same little group of friends, but that's okay.

I wish I would have taken pictures during the performance but (a) I was out changing Alexander's diaper when they made the opening announcements so I wasn't sure we were really allowed to and (b) she was often dancing across the stage so quickly that I probably wouldn't have been able to catch a picture of her, anyway. But she did a wonderful job!

She was cast as a "New Yorker," by the way. Her three friends here are maids, obviously.

Oh, look! Here she is with Auntie Josie and her siblings:

She seems to always make this nervous face when we ask her to smile for pictures lately:

I'm not really sure why...

Here's one final picture of these great girls together (with Sandy, the dog, on the left):


  1. Hmmm. No nervous smile when someone else was taking the picture...

    Also, she was terrific! Glad we could see her as a New Yorker!

  2. How fun! Doing eye makeup on little girls is rough. I only put mascara on the very tips of their lashes and they act like I'm killing them. Forget eyeliner. There is a way to do stage makeup for dancers (probably actresses also) where you use eye liner to create basically a whole new huge eye, my girla refuse to let me do it...I guess I understand. I hate eyeliner also 😂 Maybe Rachel will end up being a young ambassador also!