Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cook out

When we went hiking on Saturday, Benjamin asked if we could sleep outside.

"Not tonight," Andrew told him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"There's still snow on the ground, friend."

"Oh," he said, rather disappointed. "But when it's Unofficial Sleep Outside Day can we?"

"Sure?" Andrew answered after a moment's hesitation because...who ever heard of Unofficial Sleep Outside Day? 

I have a feeling Unofficial Sleep Outside Day will be celebrated soon because (even though we're due for another snowstorm this weekend) it's been rather lovely out. In spite of not getting to sleep in a tent, Benjamin did get to go for a hike and then we had a little cookout on Grandma's new fire pit!

Do not be fooled by their facial expressions; they were all thrilled to be grilling their own hot dogs. I'm not sure why they all look so grumpy here:

Look! Here's a non-grumpy face!

 Andrew grilled some hamburgers for those who didn't want hot dogs:

 And we ended the evening with s'mores, which were a huge hit:

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  1. Well, you and I have been accused of having grumpy faces when we are not smiling, which is why I sometimes walk around wearing a grin just so people don't think I am grumpy. So maybe your children inherited the grumpy resting face.