Saturday, March 17, 2018

Leprechaun gold

Years ago, I a leprechaun decided to hide some (paper) gold coins in the backyard on St. Patrick's Day and since it occurred when my children were old enough to form memories it's become somewhat of a tradition. So this morning before my kids got up I made some gold coins and hid them around the house. And by me, I mean "the leprechaun."

When they got up they went downstairs for breakfast and spotted leprechaun gold peeking out from various places. Rachel and Miriam were less than impressed with how the gold was hidden and Rachel came upstairs to file a formal complaint.

"Is all of the leprechaun gold this easy to find?" she asked, holding up a handful of paper coins and looking severely disappointed.

"What do you mean?" Andrew asked (he'd just woken up and didn't know that any gold had been hidden).

"The leprechaun gold," Rachel repeated. "Is it all easy to find?"

"Leprechaun gold...?" Andrew repeated.

"Yes, Dad! Ugh! Mom?"


"Is all the leprechaun gold easy to find or are there some harder hiding spots? Because none of the coins are hidden very well."

"How should I know?" I asked innocently, "I'm not a leprechaun."

"Mom! I know it was you!"

"All the gold is hidden exactly as it is," I answered mystically.


"Fine. I don't know if the spots are easy or hard, necessarily, but clearly if any seem too easy for you to find you should maybe leave those ones for the two-year-old and look for trickier hiding spots. And maybe if you took any really obvious ones you should put them back for her to find. There are only six coins per child."

And with that she was off again. She and Miriam rehid some of the "easy" gold for Zoë and Benjamin to collect and then hunted for ages before requesting hints on the whereabouts of the last six (or so) coins.

I don't know why she was blathering on and on about them being so easy to find...

After all the paper coins had been collected, Grandma showed up with a pot of chocolate gold coins (lucky kids!) and invited the kids to have one. Zoë took her foil gold coin and put it with the rest of her leprechaun gold, happy to have added to her collection.

"It's chocolate!" one of the kids told her, excitedly. "You can eat it!"

Having learned her lesson during The Great Penny Debacle of '17, Zoë wasn't eager to have the wool pulled over her eyes. She looked at her siblings with grave suspicion, skeptically raised the coin to her mouth, and took a tentative nibble.

"You have to take the wrapper off, first," Grandma chuckled, helping her peel off the foil.

Zoë had been completely fooled by the gold coin and was very surprised to see that there was indeed chocolate inside.

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