Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Amazing Rachel

I'm not going to lie. I often think our baby is the most amazing baby in the whole world. I find everything she does absolutely wondrous. She entertains me (and herself) all day long. Here are some candids from the month of December. It's kind of scary how fast Rachel is growing up, but she's doing it anyway.

We've recently had to move her from her bouncy chair to a real high chair. Not only does she squirm to get out of it, she's almost tipped it over a few times by pulling on the legs or reaching over to touch the floor. She also rarely will sit back in it anymore but prefers to balance all on her own and won't let her back touch the back of the chair.

She's become quite the pro at sitting up on her own. She can't get into a sitting position by herself yet, but if we sit her up she can balance for as long as 20 minutes (as long as her attention isn't grabbed by something else). She usually does better if we put something right in front of her for her to play with.

Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa's (Heiss)
December 17
Rachel has also decided that crawling is a lot of fun. She can get up on all fours but she can't really get anywhere yet. She will often push her legs really hard and face plant, making her move about an inch forward. She can push off of things to move forward. She will move forward to get a toy, but only if it's an inch or so away. Other than that she moves either backwards or sideways which she finds very frustrating because she just gets farther and farther away from anything she wants to grab.

On mom and dad's bed (December 27)

Potty training is going well. Rachel likes to sit on her potty (usually). She especially likes it when daddy's around because he's more fun than mommy. Rachel can sit up on the potty all by herself now and if I try to make her stand up before she's done going, she'll sit back down until she's finished.

Look at me!
Rachel has begun experimenting with new sounds and copying faces that we make at her. This can be very humorous. Here she is copying Andrew. He was "ooh-ing" at her and she made an "ooh" face back at him--she didn't get the sound out until a few more tries, but she got the face down pretty quick! Spitting has also become one of her favorite pastimes.

Making an "ooh" face at daddy
Rachel likes to help out around the house. Whenever mommy tries to do anything, Rachel wants to be right in the way. I usually move the bouncy seat around the house so that she can watch me do things--but now that she's starting to tip it over that will have to stop. I'll have to find a new way to have her watch me work without getting in the way. I used to carry her around but she's too heavy for me to do that all day long anymore.

(This picture isn't a candid--it was definitely posed)
Rachel's new favorite toy is the container of lanolin. She got a cracked lip about a week ago and I've been putting lanolin on it and then she'd grab the tube out of my hands when I was done. She absolutely loves it. Now we don't go anywhere without it because it keeps her occupied and quiet for minutes at a time. If we offer her two toys (one of them being the lanolin tube), she will choose the lanolin without fail. Why do we even bother buying toys?

Another one of Rachel's favorite things is going upside down. She laughs and smiles and shoves both of her hands in her mouth. She's even started to hang her head off my lap or over my arm upside down--and then put both her hands in her mouth, probably to keep her food in. That's kind of dangerous because that's how I dropped Josie on her head when she was a baby...but Rachel loves it.

Computers have also become a passion of Rachel's. She loves to look at our screen saver (pictures of Rachel) or videos and pictures of herself in Picasa or on the blog. She loves to bang on the computer and chew on the key board and mess me up as I type. She once turned on the narrator for blind people somehow. We don't know how she did it, but she thought it was pretty cool.

Here's what she has to say about her life:

,h mv x b puo00000lp//lp/k i om,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i ugngb k k ,,,,,,,,,,, i8nbl.

; ,bj,

Her favorite key is either the comma or the space bar--I can't tell which, precisely. We seriously thought about giving her a junk keyboard for Christmas. She loves computers.

Besides typing and working on the computer, another thing she's made more difficult is diaper changes. She does this thing where she presses up on her feet into the mat and balances her weight between her shoulders and her feet, kind of like she's doing the crab walk (but without the arms). She'll scream if we try to make her put her bum back down and as soon as we let go she'll get right back into the same position making diapering nearly impossible.

She also pulls on the tabs and has successfully undone her diaper quite a few times. Oh, and she likes to put her hands down the front of her diaper. I thought kids didn't do this kind of thing until they were like 2 or something!

She's a whole lot of fun though and she just gets funner every day! She's working on reaching at people and loves to play with faces. It seems like she adds some to skill to her repertoire everyday. I think we get just as excited at each thing she accomplishes as she does!

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  1. You got the high chair! Awesome. I hope it works for you.