Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fake Champagne and Mexican Train

We should technically be in bed. Rachel fell asleep--wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles. Instead of going to bed, though, we decided to enjoy the Martinelli's that Andrew's parents brought over to us with dinner.

They were so kind and delivered dinner to us, along with some anniversary presents and get well goodies.

So, we busted out our new Mexican Train accessories and played a few rounds. I won both of them; not that I'm bragging.

Now because we are going to bed in less than five minutes and because my head is so stuffy I don't think I can actually get any words out, here are some pictures to describe our thrilling evening. There are no pictures of us, but don't are missing anything. We're not looking all that great this evening.

If you can figure out where each train begins and ends in this picture, I will give you a surprise:

and here is where I decided to make my train go on top of Andrew's train. It's symbolic of how I totally dominated him in dominoes today.


  1. You have a really nice set of Dominoes! Where did you get it. Hope you guys have a great rest of the week and good luck to Andrew on finals!

  2. Marquita, it's the same set you have :) Only we have double twelves and you have double nines (with a few pieces missing, courtesy of Maya--our pieces are still in tact since our daughter is less mischievous...for now anyway).

    Unless you're referring to the middle part. That actually does make the game more fun. It can be found at Macey's in the game section. Made by Fundex. And it really does make the game more fun. Let me quote from the "manual."

    Whenever a player plays a box car on the Mexican Train, he gets to depress the center starter engine tile on the train station hub, which emits a series of train sound effects and an exciting "Woo Woo!"

    You also get to "depress" the button when you win the game. And it comes with sparkly opaque trains--enough so that we could recover the 41 cents we were using for extra trains.

    And the "manual" uses fun train yard terminology for everything.

    We got Karen one for Mother's Day because she loves Mexican Train. It was the perfect gift. We outshone Reid 100 to 1--he was quite depressed about it since he had searched high and low for the perfect gift that year. Ha!

    Then she gave us the same thing for our anniversary.

    What goes around comes around. :)

  3. But if you were really wondering about the tiles, we find them at Target.

    I believe these ones were technically a present from Emily and I don't know where she found them, but we gave the same brand (the one that you and I both have) to my family last year and we got them at Target.

  4. We got a set like that for our anniversary a couple years ago. It's from Walmart and it comes in a little 'train' case and everything-full double twelve set. I think it's like 12 dollars or something. It's a lot of fun to play, but Joe doesn't like playing games with me anymore because I always win (or get really frustrated when he beats me at LOTR Risk after like 3 turns. Couldn't he let me at least feel like I'm doing okay for a while? Really.)

  5. Oh, man! Ours doesn't have a train case... :(

  6. I have no idea what mexican train is at all...

  7. Yeah, I hadn't ever played it until I played it with Andrew's family. It's pretty's like dominoes with a twist.

    Here are the rules on wikipedia.

    We can play it sometime if you want it's my turn to nag you about visiting me, I guess. :)

  8. It's one of those weird American games, you know...the kind we're too cool to play up in Canada ;)