Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rachel's new favorite spot

No matter where I put Rachel down, she ends up under the Christmas tree in a matter of minutes. Here she is, trying to get a good look at the underside of the tree.

I thought she was a little close to that nativity scene on her right but I took her picture anyway. She kept craning her neck farther and farther back until...

She bonked her head right on the corner of the nativity and then her head slid down the nativity and she landed on the floor crying. Being the good mom that I am (I took her picture and then) I scooped her up in my arms. After two seconds of comforting she was perfectly fine, looked at me like I was a crazy, over-reacting mother, and squirmed to be put down.

I put her down across the room from the tree, but she rolled right on over to it again. This time she had a much happier time under there.

The snowmen and nativity sets are supposed to keep her from getting at the presents. I really didn't think I'd have to deal with that sort of thing this year, but I do. Rachel's quite precocious. She doesn't really know what presents are, but she knows they're wrapped in paper and that's exciting enough for her. She loves to crinkle up paper and chew on it. We can't leave anything out any more.

And now for a few fun pictures...

I gave Rachel a candy cane from the tree (with the wrapper still on, of course). She loved it! Of course, she loves anything she can put in her mouth.

Kisses for Mommy!
This picture just makes me want to say "dosie-doe!" I think it's hilarious. How about you?

And a parting shot of her battle wound that, once more, I freaked out about more than she did.


  1. What a cutie pie! I love her expressions and smiles! I didn't know that Rachel was blond...but, since her dad is, it really isn't a big surprise...

  2. that's so fun! We don't have our tree up yet, everything else is up, but the tree was matt's job. . .yeah. . .
    I'm excited to have a little baby to watch experience all these things for the first time! She just looks thrilled by everything

  3. Aww, that's sweet... my littlest brother, from the time he could comprehend what was going on with the Christmas tree, used to lie under it with his hands across his stomach and his legs crossed, just staring up into it... you never had to worry about the eating of things! Looks like Rachel may be headed that way too. :) Once she gets past the chewing and eating everything in sight stage, anyway. :)

  4. How fun! Last year Karen really wasn't too interested in the tree-until we got to my parents' house and they had a train under there! This year she learned very quickly about playing with/touching the tree. The night we put it up she was in time out twice and the next day she forgot the lesson and almost brought the whole thing over on herself. She was very distraught, but I just picked her up and put her back in time out (such a mean mommy!). Since then whenever she goes by the tree she says 'don't touch!' Now if only they learned that a little earlier...

  5. For the record... Nanny used to be a blondie too, until she was what like 12 Nan???

  6. Only till I was about 4, really--it just keeps getting darker and darker as I get older.

    And Rachel's not quite blonde yet. She still has this reddish-brown color going. I think it is lightening up though. :)

  7. My hair goes pretty light in the summer, too.