Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleep Walking

I always knew Andrew was a sleep talker. Well, not always...but I figured it out pretty quickly. He often talks in his sleep and it used to really creep me out but I've kind of gotten used to it. If he wakes me up asking/telling me something that sounds somewhat rational I always ask him a few questions about the topic to see if he's lucid. Generally he's not. At least he's coherent so that I can understand him enough to make fun of him in the morning.

It's not as bad as the one time my brother Patrick was sleep talking utter nonsense and kept yelling random names of people out between the gibberish spilling out of his mouth. That was scary. He usually makes sense, too, though.

Anyway, Christmas Eve Andrew went to bed feeling ill. I stayed up and grudgingly filled my own stocking and puttered around the house for a bit. When I went to bed Andrew was sprawled all over it and was using my pillow. His fever was busy breaking so he was sweating like a madman. My pillow was drenched and since I was already upset about my boring, boring, Christmas Eve I took great liberty in pushing him over to his side of the bed and stealing back my pillow.

I flipped my pillow over to the dry side and fluffed it up a bit and then settled down to sleep. Just as I was drifting off, Andrew started talking,

"The key, the key..." he said.

"I already locked the door," I said.

"But the key. I must find the key,"

"Go to sleep,"

"I forgot the key...the key...the key," he said and drifted off into a fitful slumber.

I moved way over to my side of the bed to try and ignore his shifting and attempted sleep again--only to be interrupted by Andrew again.

This time he sat up and tried to get out of bed mumbling something about that key still.

I pulled him back down and told him to forget about the key and go to sleep.

He got up again and started to walk around the bed toward the door.

I led him back to bed with him incessantly mumbling about the key. He talked about the key all night long. It was a long night. I asked him about it in the morning and he recalled nothing--not even dreaming about a key.

I never knew he was a sleep walker. Apparently he is.


  1. Jared talks in his sleep too! I find it rather funny trying to carry on a conversation with him about nonsense. Once he wakes up a little bit and realizes what I am doing he gets kinda mad at me. He says some pretty wierd stuff and one time he even was looking for a treasure map (that was a fun conversation). He will actually get out of bed and look around for things or look out the window, sometimes it kinda creepy. Well it's nice to know that my husband is not the only sleep talker/walker. My brother sleeps walks and my parents found him trying to walk out the front door when he was younger. He also had another sleep walking expereince that went very bad and invovled the police, I will have to tell you about it sometime!!!

  2. I'm so sorry you had a boring sad Christmas Eve!! That's sad and I hope he makes it up to you :) Even though he was sick as a dog, but hey, he can always take you out or something :) I've only heard my husband sleep talk once and it was utter nonsense! I laughed...

  3. Matt talks in his sleep fairly often. We both think it's funny.