Thursday, December 20, 2007

Borchestrand Concert

Rachel had a fun afternoon with Grandma. Grandma had a fun time with Rachel. Mommy had a fun afternoon sleeping. And Daddy had a fun time writing a three-hour final. Good times were had by all, although if you were to ask Andrew who had the most fun he probably wouldn't nominate himself.

After Andrew came home from school/work we headed over to his parents house to get Rachel, eat some dinner, and go to Emily's concert. It was a fun little Christmas concert. Rachel spent the majority of it with Grandpa walking around and dancing (a little bit--it was more like bouncing I guess since Grandpa insists he doesn't dance).

Auntie Em played both cello and flute and even had a solo. She did a great job and looked so pretty in her concert black. This year they went all out and all the girls got matching skirts and tops. They looked stunning and played marvelously. Unfortunately I only caught one picture of Emily and it's all blurry--she was in such a hurry to get back to the band room (where all the boys were).

Baby Cousin Kayl was there. The music was a little too loud for him sometimes but Grandma saved the day and plugged his ears for him.

(if you look closely at Andrew's pocket, you will notice a pen in his shirt pocket. But don't worry...he's not a nerd. It's just his favorite "good luck" pen...)

After the concert Rachel got very interested in Kayl. Holding his hand...

Trying to eat his hand...

And giving some big, wet kisses--after we stopped her from pulling his hair...

(she really is giving a kiss here, although it looks more like she's smelling him)

He wasn't all that interested back, but I guess he's a little young for that. Can you believe Rachel will be 5 months old tomorrow and Kayl is almost 2 months!?! It's crazy how fast time flies.

For our sleeping update, we went for a little more "white noise" than usual tonight and moved the humidifier into Rachel's room. After doing our bedtime routine we just put her in her crib and let her cry and cry and cry. I prepared myself to be completely stoic for a half hour, no longer. At t minus two minutes, Rachel stopped crying and fell asleep. I made it! I listened to my baby cry for 28 minutes without going berserk. Of course, the humidifier and primary songs kind of drowned her out.

With any luck she'll sleep on through the night. Goodness knows we need the rest. We'll have to modify her sleeping position--her head is pushed rather awkwardly against her crib slats--but other than that she looks good to go. I'll be sleeping with a prayer on my lips and my fingers crossed tonight...


  1. Congrats on the sleeping ordeal! I hope the trend continues for her. I love those pictures from the concert! It's crazy to see how big Rachel is now, especially compared to Kayl. It seems like she was just born-but I guess it has been almost half a year now. Time flys, eh?

  2. What did they play this year?

    I am glad to see that Katharine came out with Kayle to enjoy some time with you guys!