Thursday, December 06, 2007


Our activity from our advent calendar this evening was "play a game as a family." We chose Zigity because the rounds go relatively fast and we had so much to do. Andrew still has just as much homework as ever these last few weeks of school, and he informed me shortly before 10 o'clock that he needs a treat for staff meeting tomorrow.

I swear...teachers (and/or bosses) need to communicate directly with the mothers (and/or wives) of the children (and/or husbands) in order for things to run smoothly. Actually, it's on the calendar so I guess I should have been better prepared!

Anyway, we got out our Zigity cards and we all got down on the floor to play, making sure to place the cards far enough away from Rachel that she couldn't get them, but close enough to drive her crazy.

I like Zigity because I usually beat Andrew at it. He's gotten better though. His method to thwart me is "don't let Nancy spell." He does anything to avoid letting me spell.

I won the first round hands down. The second round was a bit tougher, but I ended up making him draw 7 cards. On my next turn I was supposed to spell a word with the letter "N." Andrew didn't let me spell on purpose it was just the next card flipped over after he drew. I put down the rest of my cards "E-W-S" and won the game by spelling "News."

"Awww...." whined Andrew, dropping his cards, "I wish I could have spelled. I had pedagogy!"

I guess that's what happens when your wife makes you draw seven cards. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't contain an "N."

He won the next round though and quickly challenged me to "best 3 out of 5" instead of 2 of 3. I declined his offer though. I don't want to tempt fate--I just earned bragging rights until we play our next game. I don't give up my bragging rights willingly.

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