Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's so easy

This whole communication elimination thing is easier than I thought. I don't know why we didn't start sooner. It's totally stress free. She's still in diapers. We just try to get as much as we can into the toilet instead of letting it sit in her pants. We started out just catching once a day but now we are doing so much better. Today we went 4 times on the potty!

Andrew is applying to the American University of Cairo soon. If he gets accepted, we'll be heading out there after graduation. It will take him a minimum of two years to get his Master's there which means we're probably banking on another child being born out there, in which case I'll definitely start elimination communication earlier. You know, when in Cairo, do as the Cairoat. If we're not at Cairo, we'll be somewhere else and I'll probably start EC as soon as day one.

I'm excited for when our potty actually gets here--it's supposed to arrive on the sixth.

Anyway, I guess I'll put more details on The Mother's Lounge so that people who don't want to read about how excited I am about this don't have to.

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  1. I think the communication elimination is great but we are still trying to get Ian completely potty trained and the thought of training 2 kids at the same time scares me. Thank goodness I don't have twins.
    Yeah Rachel!!! Keep up the good work!!!