Friday, December 28, 2007

My beautiful hair...

Last night Andrew redeemed the "One Free Haircut" coupon that Santa left in his stocking. I told him, as I always do, that I wasn't going to make it too short because he really does look nice when he isn't completely bald. He looks nice when he's bald--he just looks "seven." When he has hair he looks nice and old enough to be my husband.

Usually I tell him this and after I'm finished his hair he ends up looking "seven" anyway, with little to no hair left at all. He likes that.

This time though I made good on my statement and his hair is not too short. It looks well trimmed and is still long enough that if I were to nag him, he could comb and part his hair. I like that. It is also short enough that he doesn't have to do it before he leaves for the day. He likes that.

I used four settings on the clippers, which apparently isn't legal. He said that I'm only supposed to use three different lengths. Oh, well. It still looks good.

When we were finished cutting his hair, he said that we should cut my hair because I've been complaining about split ends lately. I consented. I haven't cut my hair since...well, it's been a while. I don't even remember the last time I cut my hair. Perhaps February last year? It was time.

I went to the bathroom and hacked it off with scissors. Then I had Andrew straighten if up with the clippers. It needed a whole lot of straightening!

It's amazing how difficult it is to cut your own hair while looking in the mirror. Everything's all reversed. Needless to say, it took Andrew quite some time to get that mess straightened out, but when he was done, he brought a hand mirror into the kitchen to show me the good job that he'd done.

He walked right up behind me and held the mirror facing the back of my head.

"How's that?" he asked.

"I can't tell," I said.

"Look in the mirror," he instructed and then realized he was showing my back the mirror, "Oh, never mind...let's go into the bathroom."

He'd done a pretty good job but it was still substantially longer on one side than the other. I evened out the front and then he trimmed it in the back so it was no longer crooked. Then I got really brave and did some layering in the front. It actually looks pretty decent.

I'll feel a lot more comfortable next year when it's time to cut my hair again. I just like it long...right now it's about shoulder-length, which is much too short for me. But at least I didn't cry. There was a big chunk of my life where I cried after every haircut I got (once a year or so) because my long hair was so much a part of my identity. In fact David has told me several times that I've had the same hairstyle way too long (since grade four) and that I should change it.

Well, I changed it. Now it's short. I suppose technically it's the exact same hair style that I had 10 years ago, just a little shorter, but at least it's different enough that people will notice that I chopped it. Usually no one notices because I only take an inch or three off. This time it was probably over 6 inches--that is a big step for me.

It's a good thing that hair grows because I kind of want my long and beautiful hair back. I guess I'll just enjoy the new "do" while it lasts.


  1. Nancy it hurts my eyes to see that picture of your hair. I can't believe you cut your own hair. If you need help or tips on cutting your hair or Andrew's just ask, I am only a phone call away and would be more than willing to give expertise on the matter!!!!

  2. Oh, it's not so looks nice now :)

    But if you have any tips, I will be more than willing to take them. It's only a matter of time before I chop Andrew's ear off accidentally.

    Oh, I forgot to mention in my post: I used scissors this time. I figured, hey, why not, if I mess up, I can always just completely buzz it, right?

  3. Oh I am glad that everything worked out and I am sure your hair looks good. I hope I didn't offend you,I just wanted you to know that I am willing to help you if you needed it!!1

  4. I still feel bad about the time my roommate cut your hair... but missed how you wanted layers. It did look really cute, but not how you wanted, and it was back before I was assertive enough to say something. You paid good money for that haircut, and I'm sorry!

    You're hair looks really good in that "morning" picture, good job! :)

  5. At least he likes it short! last time I cut matt's hair, I forgot to put the attachment on the clippers and he ended up with a military haircut. Sleepy pregnant women should not cut hair I decided.
    I also have the problem of loving my hair really long. summer of 2006 I cut about 12" off to donate, and I'm STILL anxiously waiting for it to grow back. . .my hair grows slow i think.
    Your hair does look really nice!

  6. No offense at all, Heather. In fact, I was joking with Andrew the whole time, "If this ends up looking horrible, I'll just call Heather and ask her to fix it." :)

  7. I like it! Hahaha! Now my hair is finally longer than yours :)

  8. It is amazing how much your hair means to your self image. I remember how it felt to have hair so long that I used to have to put it over my shoulder when I sat down or I'd sit on hair so short I couldn't do anything with it. Hello pixie! You do have very pretty long hair but your cut is nice...although if your only getting it cut once a year you should go to a salon so you don't have another one of those uneven moments :) That picture is CRAZY!

  9. Well, as much as females (and some males) take such an important view on hair, most men are completely oblivious to hair in general. We are simple creatures that, like Andrew, are more bothered by having to do hair than not. Haven't you ever noticed that a guy will not notice your new haircut or will ask, "did you get a new haircut?" when you've had the same doo for three months. We're not insensitive. Just a combination of naive and non-observant. I mean, at the library where I work, they shut down over half the library to work on electrical. They moved all the plants to the first floor of the new section, right by where I work. I didn't even notice the plants (which take up a good twenty feet in diameter) until someone asked me about them. And you think we'd notice two inches of hair?

  10. was SIX inches, David, SIX!

    Maybe more...

  11. By the way David... you didn't even notice Malachi and Deklan running past you at the airport.
    To give them credit... they hadn't seen you in awhile... but really David when I send you after the boys - and then two short people, whom also happen to be boys run right past you... most people look just to see what's going on... but not you! You headed straight for the bathroom, eyes transfixed on the sign ;P

    Nancy... remember when I cut your hair like seven years ago and I cut six inches off - you were pretty devastated, still you let me cut your hair after that almost once a year! Wish I could have been a part of the great hack of 2007 :)
    Love you and it looks really cute!

  12. I remember that. I asked you to trim it so you said you'd take just a few inches off...and then you grabbed my ponytail and chopped it right off.

    And you held it up and I yelped,

    "That's like six inches!"

    And you were like,

    "No, it's like two..."

    And Billy was like,

    "No, it's more like six..."

    And you were like,

    "Who's the American here?"

    And he was like,

    "Who's lived in America when they were old enough to measure stuff?"

    And then he got a ruler out and we measured my dead pony tail. And it was somewhere between six and nine inches. I can't remember now.

    Yes, I remember that. Apparently I still trust you with scissors.

  13. And Michelle, it's totally ok. I was a little bummed at the time, but one of the girls who went to Russia with me was a hair dresser. She cut my hair just a little while before we came home just the way I wanted it. For free :) It all worked out!

  14. Abra, where are the Christmas pictures that could/should be on your blog?

  15. And Michelle, where are yours? It is hard to be a blog fan if people do not post new stuff! :o)

    Thanks, Nancy, for keeping us reading.

  16. I love how Auntie Mryna commented a message to me... and I read it. Gotta love blogs. Maybe I'll post sometime. :)