Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Andrew made fun of me today, which isn't really fair because I'm still sick.

See, our library books were due today and I forgot until after David and Sarah left (they came over and watched Rachel while I napped) so I sent Andrew scurrying off to the library. When he came back I was still worried about late fees so I went online to see how much they were.

I bookmark and/or use Google to find everything I ever want to look at, so I don't really know any web addresses. It's not that is hard to remember, it's just that I habitually type "orem public library" into Google and click on the first hit. I'm lazy. So sue me.

I'm sick though, and am not thinking straight. So instead of typing "orem public library," I just typed "library." Oddly enough the page I wanted wasn't one of the first hits. I commented on this to Andrew, who immediately began harassing me about it.

"Hey, I'm sick, okay?" I said.

"Yes, you am," Andrew said.

Who's laughing now, Andrew? Who's laughing now?

Me. That's who. And because I'm the author of this blog, I can make fun of him a little bit more.

One of my ailments has been my sinuses. Last night I started laughing remembering something Andrew said a while back. It was in the fall and he was suffering from allergies quite badly so we went to find some allergy medicine for him. We found ourselves in Costco because their medicine is a lot cheaper than other places. I saw a bottle of something, I don't remember what, and read to Andrew what it claimed to relieve,

"This helps clear your sinuses," I told him.

"That won't help," Andrew responded.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because I don't have sinuses," he patiently explained to me, "I have allergies."

Fair enough. We ended up buying a little bottle of AllerClear, which is just for allergies, not sinuses--because Andrew doesn't have any of those.

And d'ya know, I had another funny story in mind when I started writing this but now I just can't remember what it was about. Hey, I'm sick, okay?

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  1. did you try a big bowl of steam with a towel? Mom used to make us do that... it really does work :)
    Plus, it wouldn't affect Rachel... well, except you have to stick your head under for about 20 minutes at a time... I think she would put vicks or something in the water....