Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snooping Around the Christmas Tree

Surprisingly enough, Andrew hasn't been snooping around the tree. In fact, he's been vigilant about not snooping. This year I planted a few presents that I actually want him to guess at simply because I know he never will. I hid a few of his presents in the best hiding place in the world and I've been teasing him about that. He wants me to tell him where my hiding place was. The problem is that the place is so good that I will want to use it again, but if I tell then I can't use it next year. So for now it will have to remain a secret.

Although Andrew continues to pester me about the hiding place, it's not him that I have to worry about. It's Rachel!

She keeps rolling and scooting her way, inch by inch, over to the Christmas tree. All the colorful paper and shiny lights must be attracting her like moths to the flame. Every time I leave her on the floor, I come back to find her much closer to the Christmas tree than I left her.

Here I've caught her red-handed, trying to open Grandpa's present. Naughty Rachel...


  1. way too cute Nancy I miss her!!!

  2. I love how she is scooting out of her leg warmers. Yesterday Grace kicked her pants off. I think kids just prefer to be all natural.