Saturday, December 08, 2007

Heiss Holiday Humbug 2007

I realize that if you read our blog all the time this is a pretty boring Christmas letter, but seriously...what more do you expect me to say? You know everything I'd say in a Christmas letter already.

I always feel a little silly writing letters and emailing people updates about our life. It’s not that I feel silly writing about our life, not at all…it’s just that I spend about half my life writing about our life on our blog so whenever I write anything else about it I feels like I’m repeating myself. I don’t consider myself to be a poet, but this year I figured I’d give it a shot. It’d be much more interesting than a prosy attempt to condense everything that’s happened in the last year, anyway. To get the full story of all of these excerpts...

I suggest you peruse our place of salaam—
you’ll find us at

It’s chock full of stories, both tragic and funny
Of a beautiful wife, her young babe, and her “Honey.”

Read about how Andrew nigh burned our house down,
Find pictures of Rachel and her rarely-seen frown.

Andrew traveled to Washington, DC,
Interviewed with the NSA, failed his polygraphy.

As a couple we did a whole lot of dancing.
From rolling to crawling, Rachel’s advancing.

Pregnancy tales on the blog do abound
with pictures of Nancy, her big belly round.

Matthew was baptized by Uncle Andrew
And Deklan was happy to be baptized, too—

On his baptism day a girl fell into the font!
The whole story can be found on our blog, if you want.

While holding my baby my dad’s heart gave out;
Three bypasses later he’s up and about.

We coined a new term, now Andrew’s “my nero
and Rachel already weighs 6.4 kilos!

Before we sign off, we’d like to bring to attention
Andrew’s upcoming April Graduation.

Where will we be next year? We haven’t a clue.
Will we still be in Orem or somewhere brand new?

If you wish to see more of our family this Christmas,
Just hop on the web—you know where to find us!

So there you have it: our life for 2007 in a nutshell. I suppose we really ought to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas,, Merry Christmas!


  1. way to put together a newsletter! I have yet to get up the energy to do something like that. Maybe next year when we have the baby here, and there's actually more going on (because of her, I'm sure)
    my family always did silly news letters. Last year I think they did a crossword puzzle, and the year before an actual puzzle they had to put together.
    yeah, that's my family! :)

  2. That is cute how you used your Christmas newsletter as an advertisement for your blog. I love the Christmas balls as well. I was going to copy you guys and do a newsletter this year but now I'm to intimidate. Picture cards from Walmart...probably :) I better get on that soon.

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome newsletter! We loved it. It was not at all boring. I love what you did in photoshop with the Christmas baubles.

    The only thing was that when we got it the letters in the title and in your names overlapped each other...must have happened when you sent it or something. But it was lovely!

  4. Oh, yeah...that seems to be a problem with Macs. The font (a cheap-o, free, poorly made font available on a random open source website) just doesn't embed in the PDF right for some reason.

    We'll fix that for next year :) Making it outlines in ID works, but we forgot to do that...and since we've already distributed it, I guess it's a little too late. Sorry about that!

  5. it's freeware, not open source. Andrew just corrected me. He also used the words "stupid thing."

    Shoot--he's the one who found it. :)