Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crawling already?

Watching Rachel hone this skill will never cease to amaze me. Just between yesterday and today she mastered the art of going forwards. I use the term "mastered" lightly, it's true, because she's still crashing her face into the floor. I'm glad I filmed her crawl on the 27 though because I like how she used to stick her bum up in the air. She doesn't do that any more. At least, I haven't seen her do it all day.

It's been replaced with a much more proficient (and forward-moving) crawl.

In this clip I'm using a box to lure her across the floor--it's kind of replaced the lanolin tube as her favorite toy. Right before I broke out the camera she saw the box on her own and pushed it the whole length of the blanket and onto the wood floor without stopping--it took her about 10 seconds to go that far. I was in shock so I couldn't get the camera...and of course when I did have the camera she didn't really want to perform.

Here she is in all her crawling glory!

Seriously, who is this baby? She is just bound and determined to be the grown-up-est baby around. I can't believe how quickly she's doing it and I'm so glad that I get to stay home with her so that I can watch every minute of it! I'm so lucky to have a husband who supports me both financially and in my role as a mother--he's definitely a good catch!


  1. That's crazy!! It seems like we just had our babies yesterday. Rachel is going to be walking before Maggie even starts to crawl.

  2. Amy too. She is way behind everything that Rachel does. She is just so chill, content lying still for long periods of time. I don't think she feels a lot of motivation to get moving on her own.