Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Attempted Family Pictures

When we came home from my mom's house we each chose a gift to unwrap. Rachel did a great job unwrapping the book we got her. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean to unwrap the present--she just wanted to eat the paper. She had a ball!

We then read the Christmas story again and acted it out. We didn't get costumes out this year because Andrew wanted to get it over with so that he could go to bed. I made him take some pictures first though. We all kind of dressed Christmasy today: Andrew in red, me in green, and Rachel in a cute little outfit that Sister Elder gave us.

You'll notice Rachel is leaning in a lot of the pictures. That's her new thing. I think she thinks she looks cuter when she's leaning.

And lastly, here's our meager attempt at a Christmas family picture. We look like we stepped into a photo booth. Oh, well.

I'm now just up waiting for Santa to get here. Andrew isn't feeling well again so he went to bed and Rachel was in bed by 11:00 again tonight--looks like we're on a roll. I just finished embroidering her stocking so now Santa can do his job.

Spoiler warning: If you believe in Santa, skip the next paragraph.

Andrew went to bed before even filling my stocking. I filled my own stocking this year. How incredibly lame is that? I mean, I already knew what was going in my stocking but somehow I think I would be able to pretend it was magical if I didn't have to stuff it myself. Where's the magic anymore?

Spoiler warning off.


  1. She must have been taking notes from Piper when she was here! That's what Piper does too, as soon as the camera comes out, her head cocks to the
    Merry Christmas We love you :)

    (PS, I too have to stock my own stocking... it does suck :)

  2. Lame is the fact that all I put in our stockings (mine and Jason's) was a pomegranate each. It just wasn't worth the hassle to me. Sad I know.