Thursday, December 06, 2007

Are You Too Yellow-Bellied to Kiss a Toilet?

I am. When I was back in grade school the game "truth or dare" was rather popular. I don't think anyone ever did any of the dares we would think up of on sleepovers--instead we'd take back our choice and choose truth. Maybe it's a girl thing, but I'd rather share my middle name than kiss a toilet seat any day.

Rachel can't say her middle name yet, so she had to opt for "dare" this afternoon when our potty finally arrived in the mail! She had no qualms about it! The minute the potty was out of the box, Rachel rolled right over to it and started sucking.

She pulled it right onto her head and just kept on sucking. Rachel sucks on anything she can get her hands on these days.

I pulled her away from the potty for a minute to try to snap a picture of her sitting on it. She wouldn't look up at me though because she kept trying to bend over and bite (with her toothelss gums) the part she was holding onto.

Merry Early Christmas, Rachel
Doesn't she look pretty on yellow? We chose yellow specifically because Rachel looks so pretty on it. When Rachel was a little baby, I would often put her on a little yellow blanket because I thought she looked so pretty on it.

One day, I commented to Andrew how pretty Rachel looked, "on yellow." He looked at me quizzically and asked,

"Don't you mean in yellow?"

Since she wasn't wearing yellow at the time, I am not sure how he thought I would mean that, but I said a lot of crazy things those first few weeks.

"No, I mean on yellow. Doesn't she look pretty on her blanket?" And she did, indeed.

So, when we were choosing a color for the potty, we went with yellow. This was no easy task since we wanted something unisex--pink and blue were out of the question. But how about red or orange or green or clear or white or black or... Who knew potties came in such a multitude of colors!

I was leaning towards just plain old white, but then Andrew reminded me how cute Rachel looks on yellow.

We're excited our potty is finally here. Now, if I could just convey to Rachel what it's actually for...I don't want her to chew on it after it's been used for its intended purpose.


  1. I wasn't sure how to tie this in with the post, but along the lines of daring, we once dared Uncle Patrick, who won't hold Rachel and calls her an "it," to lick her dirty diaper that was laying on the floor.

    He picked it up, licked it, and took it out to the trash for us!

    I might also mention that Andrew also licked one of her dirty diapers, but not on a dare. Just because.

    Gross, eh?

  2. That's disgusting. I have to admit that I brushed Amy's dirty diaper with my arm today, but that was on accident. And luckily, I only touched the wipes on the part that didn't have any poo on them. Thanks goodness! There is no temptation to lick dirty diapers in our family.
    P.S. Yippee for the yellow potty! Excellent choice.

  3. I am not sure you want to get Rachel in the habit of licking the clean potty, because it won't always be clean!

  4. It's not clean anymore ;)

    It sits in our bathroom. She can't roll that far yet. Although it is a struggle to get her to not want to eat it while she sits on it. She didn't have the same problem with our white mixing bowl.

    Perhaps we should have gotten it in a less alluring color.

  5. I think i picked a bad time to read AND eat lunch.....

  6. I'm excited for your potty progress! Woot!