Monday, December 31, 2007

Heiss Zeitgeist 2007

Yep. It's true. We're both nerds. I'm probably more of one than Nancy though, as evidenced by this post.

We've been keeping stats on our blog for the past year through Google Analytics and Feedburner, just to keep a thumb on the pulse of our blog visitors. After long data collection efforts, here's where Heissatopia stands at the end of 2007:

Total posts: 362
(currently...three more before midnight tomorrow and we'll get 1 per day)

Top posters:
1. Nancy: 346 posts - 95.58%
2. Andrew: 16 posts - 4.42% (a piddly amount, I know)

Overall site visitors over time:
Absolute Unique Visitors: 2,642
Pageviews: 19,055
Average Time on Site: 02:06

RSS feed subscribers:
Current number of subscribers: 21
(not a lot...use the beauty of RSS, people!)

Visitor geography:
(Where are our Antarctican, Chinese, Russian, and Greenlandic readers?)

Top cities:
1. Salt Lake City, UT (not Orem, surprisingly...that means other people look at our blog more than we do.... We were afraid of skewing the stats too much)
2. Orem, UT
3. Provo, UT
4. Draper, UT
5. Champaign, IL (Hello, Slades!)
6. Lindon, UT
7. Calgary, AB
8. Midvale, UT
9. Fairfax, VA

Top browsers:
1. Firefox: 56.45%
2. Internet Explorer: 38.92% (54.28% IE7, 45.61% IE6)
3. Mozilla: 1.97%
4. Safari: 1.89%
5. Opera: 0.69%
6. Netscape: 0.07% (Umm...update your browser!)

Top operating systems:
1. Windows: 93.3% (92.77% XP, 6.20% Vista, 0.8% 2000, 0.15% 98 (Who still uses that!?))
2. Mac OSX: 6.20%
3. Linux: 0.45%
4. iPhone: .01% (1 person! Who has an iPhone?)

Top networks of visitors:
1. Comcast
2. mStar
3. Brigham Young University
4. Qwest
5. Fairfax County Public Schools (Hello, Amanda!)
6. Road Runner
7. Harman Music Group (Hi, dad!)

Top referring search engines:
1. Google: 92.8%
2. Yahoo: 3.2%
3. AOL: 2.6%
4. Microsoft Live: 1.4%

Technorati Authority: 14
This number is pretty much completely arbitrary and dumb, but I look at it consistently anyway.

Technorati Ranking: 629,416
Out of the millions of blogs out there, we are in the top 700,000!

Top search terms that lead people to our blog:
1. bwankey
2. jessica sienfeld (spelled should be seinfeld)
4. "the pickle incident"
5. matt & bonnie parks blog
6. cool heisses
7. heissfamily
8. wassail
9. the cool heisses
10. nancy heiss

Most popular posts:
This is harder to ascertain since almost 16,000 pageviews were just This means that the overwhelming majority of visitors just go straight to the blog and scroll down to see if there's anything new rather than clicking on the post directly or subscribing to the RSS feed through Outlook, Thunderbird, or Google Reader. Here's what we have for the 5 most popular posts, though, which won't be that accurate at all:
1. Heiss Holiday Humbug
2. Hairy Ordeal
3. They're Deceptively...Delicious!
4. Free Vacation Complete with Airfare, Hotel, and Interrogration
5. Rolie Polie Olie

Labels as of today:

Most commented posts:
1. Saran Wrap, Zippers, and Knowing Everything - 23 comments
2. My beautiful hair... - 16 comments
3. How many bad haircuts can I give? - 13 comments
4. We're both insane - 13 comments
5. Corn is not a vegetable - 12 comments
6. They're Deceptively...Delicious! - 11 comments
7. NaNo WriMo - 11 comments
8. The Play Date - 11 comments
9. Wiggle Worm - 11 comments

And that's it for number crunching! Thanks to all our readers for padding our stats and making us feel good about how popular we think we are!


  1. So...I am curious, there are like 3 dots in in North Korea it is that possible?

    Andrew, how in the heck did you get these stats? It is soo cool!

  2. Wait...when I enlarged the map, I see that two of the dots are actually in China. my bad.

    I am your reader in Korea!

  3. So, Andrew, you finally get a break from school. You don't have to research or analyze anything--and this is what you do?!?

    You really are a nerd, aren't you?

    And we get along so well...

  4. @Nancy - Yep.

    @Marquita - Yeah, nothing in North Korea. We had 31 visitors from 20 different Chinese cities...133 visits from 3 cities in South Korea - 131 from Seoul, 1 from Taegu, and 1 from Songnam. The guy from Taegu spent 0 minutes 0 seconds on the blog - it was an accidental click for him.

    You can get the same stats if you use Google Analytics (the link is in the second paragraph of the post). Feedburner (link also in second paragraph) gives some other great stats.

  5. @Andrew - I get a super-di-duper A in blogging. You get a big, fat F!

    @Marquita - Hi! (post on your blog!)

  6. Update: Someone from every state in the United States save one has visited our blog: Mississippians hate us apparently...

  7. Oddly enough, our stats from Tuscon completely stopped from May to September. I wonder why that happened... :)

    Oh, and Alaskans can join the Mississippi Anti-Heiss club.

  8. This is cool. . . I wish I could do something like that.

  9. Hello back! :D I'm glad I alone am here enough to be on two of your stats!

  10. This was fascinating. Does that make me as much of a nerd as Andrew?

    Hmmm, who is that mysterious Tucson visitor?