Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A couple of stories I forgot to mention

We pulled up to the sidewalk in front of my parents' house on Christmas day, parked, and unbuckled the kids from the car. Benjamin bounded out, took a few running steps toward the lawn, slipped, and fell flat on his face in the snow.

Fortunately he landed in the snow, rather than on the sidewalk (which had been shoveled).

Unfortunately he was not impressed by the cold, fluffy stuff that cushioned his fall. Since he'd just come out of his carseat he didn't have his coat on (just a sweater), so he was all sprawled out, facedown in the snow, without a coat. The snow was at least six inches deep, so he left quite the impression with his little body.

I quickly pulled him up to his feet and Andrew carried that poor screaming child up to the house where everyone had a good laugh because they'd all been watching through the window (or from the porch) and as sad as it was it was also quite hilarious.


It was quite cold and windy the day we flew into RDU and I don't know if it's related to how bumpy our landing was but, uh, our landing was really bumpy—so bumpy that the overhead bins started popping open.

Our overhead bin didn't pop open, thank goodness, but a guy two rows ahead of us took the landing with his arm held up over his head, trying to keep the door closed to prevent the suitcases from flying out. And that wasn't the only bin to pop, either!

So when the flight attendant got on to give their congratulations-we-landed-and-are-alive speech and got to the part where he said, "Use caution when opening overhead bins as the contents may have shifted..." the whole plane pretty much burst out laughing because obviously the contents had shifted quite a bit!


And now I think I'm really officially caught up from our trip. Unless, of course, I think of anything else I forgot to write down...

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