Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This word is driving me nuts. Benjamin has discovered it and has been using it to his advantage ever since.

At lunch he had a big ol' peanut butter and jam sandwich sitting in front of him. Miriam and I both got ready to pray. Benjamin picked up his sandwich and opened his mouth wide.

"Benjamin," I said. "We need to pray first."

"Me not eat mine sansh," he explained. "Me just...lick jam!"

And then he licked the entire perimeter of his sandwich while everyone else waited for him so that we could pray. Miriam was not impressed.

These children have been at each other's throats all day (and that, too, is driving me nuts).

"I need you guys to stop screaming at each other and get along!" I pleaded.

Both of them hung their heads in shame, but then Benjamin raised his little hand, reached over, and smacked his sister.

"Benjamin!" I gasped. "Don't hit your sister!"

"Me not hit mine sissy," he explained. "Me just...hit her arm!"

Oh, did you just?

He "just" does a lot of things...

He "just" has another snack (after I've told him to not get another snack out).

He "just" reads another book before bed (and empties the entire bookshelf in the process of getting said book).

He "just" wakes up (before he's even fallen asleep).

He "just" does a small poop in his pants (minutes after I've tried (and failed) to drag him to the potty).

I'm just getting a little sick of it all. 

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  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. Not about "just", but about "why." Asher says it after EVERY request/demand I make of his.
    "Asher, stop jumping on the chair!"
    "Because you could fall off and get hurt."
    "Because gravity cannot be denied."
    "Because mom said so."
    "Conversation over, get down."

    Why is even more prevalent than the word "no" if you can believe it. I genuinely think he is curious and trying to understand, but it is also the perfect deflection for bad behavior, because I feel obligated to answer him so I don't feel like a bad parent, but then I realize a few minutes later I'm reasoning about gravity with a 2 year's a vicious cycle. I just....can't take it anymore.