Monday, January 26, 2015

How the kids reacted

"I think we have a name for the baby," Andrew announced in the car on the way to church yesterday.

"What is it?" the girls chorused.

"It has a Z in it," Andrew said.

"Eliza!" Rachel cheered.

"Elizabeth!" Miriam squealed.

I may or may not have been slowly poisoning them against Andrew's name choice (not that it was difficult since Elizabeth was on the list of names that they had suggested).

"No, it begins with the letter Z," Andrew said.

"Zy'meria!" Rachel exclaimed (there's a girl in her class named Zy'meria).

"Not Zy'meria," I said.

"Then what?" the girls wanted to know.

"Zoë," Andrew said.

"Zoë?" the girls said, trying out the unfamiliar sound in their mouths.

They weren't quite sold on the idea at first. But I think they're coming around to it.

Benjamin, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be a fan of the name at all.

"Can you say Zoë?" I asked him.

"No," he replied.

"Well, that's going to be the baby's name," Andrew told him.

"How 'bout not Zoë," Benjamin said. "How 'bout girl name? How 'bout...Puppy?!"

"Puppy...?" I asked. "That's the best girl's name you can come up with?"

"Es! Puppy!" Benjamin said. "Baby name Puppy!"

In spite of that excellent suggestion, we'll be sticking with Zoë for now.


  1. Almost Poppy Felin, Amy's daughter.

  2. And I like Zy'meria. I have never heard that name before. It is pretty.

    1. It's not very common. Only a handful of girls get that name per year. But it's a little too close to Miriam, don't you think?

      Meria is the same as Maria/Mary/Miriam/Maryam and so forth.

      I'm not sure where they Zy' comes from. Maybe "like"? So Zy'meria is "Like Mary"? I have no clue. :)

    2. It is like Miriam. But then Auntie Colleen has a Michael and a Michelle, and those are like, the same name, right? :o) But I was not suggesting you change your name choice, because I like Zoe Amelia, but I do think Zy'meria is pretty.

  3. Same-age-as-Benjamin Jacob suggested we name Emma "Violin." You're welcome to use it, since we didn't ;)

    1. Viola is a legitimate name. I don't see why you wouldn't go with Violin. :)