Friday, January 09, 2015

Flying home (January 7)

When I checked in my flight I was relieved to see that my itinerary had been completely changed around. I'd be flying through Dallas-Fortworth rather than Chicago, for one thing. My total travel time would be one hour less than it was before. And the plane we'd be on had three seats on one side of the plane (the other one was two and two so I had booked two seats together for Benjamin and me and one across the aisle for Miriam). I was glad we'd all be sitting on the same row!

Grandma dropped us off at the airport and when we got to our gate it was a frenetic mess! A plane had broken down in the middle of the tarmac and hadn't been fixed yet, so all the people who were supposed to make the 8:00 flight to Dallas were still milling around when our 12:00 flight was called.

I'm so glad we weren't on that plane, even though the next leg of our flight was delayed by an hour at least we were at Dallas with their nice playground and good weather! And Grandma gave me some cash for food in case we needed it and I'm so glad she did because we didn't end up getting home until around midnight (instead of around ten). It was good to get something besides snacks into our tummies!

The kids were pretty good, although I wish that Benjamin had slept a little more.

He fell asleep as we were landing in Texas and then stayed awake until we were landing in Raleigh.

Why do kids always fall asleep as the plane is landing? That's the worst possible time to fall asleep because it means (a) that I don't get to sleep and (b) that if they won't wake up (as was the case when we landed in Raleigh—I was patting his cheeks and calling his name and shaking his shoulders but he was out) that I have to carry them and all our hud off the plane.

I was grateful for the flight attendant (or the "plane-mom" as Benjamin likes to say) who offered to carry the diaper bag so that I could waddle through the aisle with my 20-week belly, my 20-pound-boy, and a backpack on my back, while dragging along a tired five-year-old with a backpack of her own.

We were quite the frazzled sight!

The airport was absolutely quiet by the time we hobbled off the plane and by the time we went to the bathroom and got out to the meeting area it was quite easy for us to find Rachel and Andrew—they'd even grabbed our suitcase from the luggage carousel for us (we took so long getting off the plane, Andrew said, that he was afraid if he didn't find our suitcase the TSA would assume it was abandoned and would blow it up or something).

We didn't mean to take that long. It's just that after such a long day of traveling no one in our party was moving very fast.

It's so good to be home!

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