Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nesting: They just might fit

The baby and Benjamin won't have to share a room for a while (because the baby will be in our room) but we got him a new (to us) toddler bed so that we could reclaim the crib, anyway. The toddler bed goes where the piano used to be. The piano is now in front of the fireplace because we never use it (the fireplace, not the piano).

I made a few other small changes and made the kids help clean up the toys and we're finally to the point where we can call this room livable. The baby will be in the dark bed (we just have to put the crib rails back on) and Benjamin will be in the light bed. The dresser has a couple of empty drawers that are reserved for baby.

It was hard to fit two beds into this room for several reasons:
  1. We can't put a bed under the book shelf on the wall (above the dresser/shelf) because the books do fall off occasionally. I suppose we could not put books there...but then we'd have to put the books somewhere else. 
  2. The room is a weird shape. It has two right angles where we could potentially put the beds against each other...but one of those right angles is by problem #1 (above) and the other the closet door. So the beds can't do anything like this.
  3. No wall in this room is long enough to put both beds across like this.
  4. If we put the beds like this they'd either block the closet off entirely or no allow us to open the bedroom door.
We've grown accustomed to our limited furniture arrangement possibilities. The girls' bunk-bed, for example, is against the only wall in the house that it can fit against. We will never rearrange their bedroom. Because...we can't.

My sister suggested I put Rachel in with the baby and move Benjamin in with Miriam. But then we'd have to fit a twin bed in the "nursery." Don't make me laugh. 

Benjamin will be sleeping in a toddler bed until he enters kindergarten (it's a good thing he's short)!

That, folks, is my nursery. There's no theme; in fact, nothing even remotely matches (and if you were to guess that our "black-out curtain" was made out of a snuggie you'd be absolutely correct). But it's obviously a room for the littlest ones in our it's a nursery. And I'm pretty sure this is the soonest we've ever had an actual spot for a baby to go.

I'm impressed I even got in a nesting mood at all because these 17P shots are killing my motivation to do anything. Thursday through Sunday (and sometimes Monday) I feel like I pulled a muscle or something and nothing's really seemed to help (you know—with the two whole opportunities I've had to try to make things better). I was looking around online to see if anyone had any tips and there are whole forums devoted to women talking about these shots.

One lady called them "fiery butt darts." I'd say that's fairly accurate and while I gripe and moan about them frequently Andrew's quick to remind me that it's for a good cause. "Someone has to be poked a lot in this relationship," he told me. "It's either you or the baby. Last time Benjamin took all the pokes. This time it's your turn."

And while that's true (though, let's be honest, I don't think I'll ever forget that steroid shot I had before Benjamin was born), I would like to find something to help make the pain go away faster.

Needless to say nesting is over for the next few days!


  1. Sorry for your pain! The room looks nice and cozy! I'm sure the baby will love it. :)

  2. Wait, furniture should match? I have 8 rooms with real furniture in them, and in 7 rooms nothing matches....the one room that does is the room I purchased nothing for (my parents guest room, which they decorated). I think it's called "Decorating, the children years. You're doing it right."