Thursday, January 08, 2015

Probably am

I know I'm still a week behind but I had to write down my very favourite thing about Benjamin lately and that is the verb "am."

He uses it in place of is, do, and have (but only as a a proverb), so he doesn't often use it just as a verb but uses it in place of a verb already used.

"Me want candy!" he'll say.

"We don't have any candy," we'll answer.

"Yes, we am!" he'll say.

He'll also say things like, "Me am so sleepy!"

Sometimes he'll even just say, "Am!" in answer to a question.

On the last leg of our flight home we had a fancy-schmancy plane with video screens on the back of the seat (our other planes either had drop-down screens or no screens). Both Miriam and Benjamin were fascinated by them and happily watched the map of our flight the entire journey because I wasn't about to pay for a movie (and we only had one set of headphones anyway).

We also got to watch the safety presentation before the flight (which is what gave the kids the idea of watching a movie in the first place). When it was over Benjamin asked, "Me watch nuzzy movie after blast off?" (because planes totally blast off).

"Probably not," I said.

"Pobby am," he said, lifting his eyebrows convincingly.

And it was adorable.

And, as it turns out, he says it every time I say, "Probably not!"

(Not that I checked (I totally checked)).

We have this little friend...who might be eight now, but whatever...who said hilarious things when he was little and we'd babysit him (Tham—it's Tham) and we still say them, including but not limited to:

  • "No not!" and "Yes do!"
  • Brudda Heith (Brother Heiss)
  • Tootie Babash (Cookie Monster)
  • Bive me a tiss (give me a kiss)
Then, of course, our own kids started talking and there are things Rachel and Miriam said that we still say at our house:
  • Sangwich (sandwich, Rachel)
  • Princels (pretzels, Rachel)
  • One-an (another, Miriam)
  • Anything else hilarious they've ever said (like Miriam's "el-arious!" for example)
I have a feeling that Benjamin's little "pobby am" response will forever live in infamy as well.

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