Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For me?

Late last night just before I was ready to drift off to sleep, Andrew said, "Oh! If a package comes tomorrow don't open it."

"Why not? I asked.

"Because it's a present," he said, like it should be obvious.

"For what?!" I asked.

Andrew didn't answer right away, so I let my wheels spin.

What possible reason could he have to get a present for me? (I was already assuming it was for me since he told me quite specifically not to open it). Mother's Day wasn't until May. My birthday's not until June. Those celebrations are rather far away and he can't always be counted on to get me presents for those days, anyway (which is totally fair because I'm equally sporadic in my gift-giving).

Turns out he didn't answer right away because he was giving me a minute to figure it out. I never did.

"Valentine's Day," he said. "I got you a present for Valentine's Day."

"Oh, yeah! That!" I said. The holiday we'll be celebrating on Saturday. The one that I've been doing stuff for all week—crafts and cards and heart-shaped biscuits and things like that. That holiday. How could I forget?

"I didn't get you anything," I said.

"That's okay," he said.

I did just edit his paper for ISA last night. That totally counts as a gift.

And then, as I'm feeling guilty for not getting Andrew a present, I went and bought myself a new dress. I had $80 in gift certificates to eShakti that have been ticking down to their expiration date but which I've been sitting on because you can give eShakti your measurements and they will tailor the dress to fit you. Well, my measurements have been fluctuating quite wildly lately (for obvious reasons) so I was torn over what to do but I finally decided to just fudge my measurements and go for it. It was a use it or lose it situation. I just hope they fit sometime in the next year or so...

In other present news, Andrew got me an orchid last year (because I instructed asked him to) and I managed to keep it alive the whole entire year. You're welcome to applaud, but that's not even the best part! It's growing new parts and looks like it might even blossom again (not, like, now but in a while) and I'm basically beside myself because indoor plants and I? We rarely see eye to eye.

I'm not sure if this plant and I are seeing eye to eye either (because plants don't have eyes (no potato jokes please—I can do that myself, obviously)) but at least we're still looking at each other a year later!


  1. I love orchids! They are actually remarkable hardy. Once I forgot to wayer mine for a month. It was fine. That being said they can be temperamental about blooming again. You have to treat them right for that to happen so good job on that! We aren't doing valentines gifts. We never really do though. I am driving the kids over to the hospital to eat dinner with their dad though. He is going to be on call. That should count for something right :)

    1. We don't usually do gifts either (for anything) which makes it a nice surprise when someone decides to give a gift. :)