Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Day #4

The novelty is wearing off. My patience is wearing thin.

This morning started out with a bang, quite literally. Rachel said Benjamin got too much cereal for himself. He said that he didn't. She said that he did. He said that he didn't. She said that he did. And then he shoved her with all his little two-year-old might.

She fell off the bench, scraping her back, and flinging her bowl of cereal across the room.

I put Benjamin in time out, checked out Rachel's back, and swept the floor...but I'm still crunching the occasional Cheerio so I should probably sweep again (and I'm sure I will).

Benjamin's been very physical this week—lots of hitting and throwing and attempts at biting and even a little bit of stabbing with tiny LEGO swords. His poor sisters.

When I call him on the carpet for it he just shrugs and says, "I don't like [whoever he abused]."

So he's been spending a lot of time with his nose in the corner or being sent to his room to play alone or sitting on my lap, and he's certainly been spending a lot of time apologizing.

But the good news is that he's spontaneously started waking up dry in the mornings! I told him yesterday that if he woke up dry again (today) that we could make a new sticker chart for him, so we did, and he's so excited about it! I asked him how he earns stickers while we were in the bathroom and he explained it quite well, and then some.

"Me stay dry h'all night long!" he said (using his usual little mixture of whole and all), "Me get sticky on my sticky chart!"

That was the exact answer I was looking for, but then he went on for his "then some" explanation: "Me not stay dry halloween night! Halloween night—so scary! Me stay dry hall Kissy night! I like Kissy! And us have Kissy tree! And my friends come—Mickey Mouse comes! Oh, Santa comes! I stay dry Kissy night, hall night long!"

Evidently saying h'all reminded him of Halloween, which reminded him that he much prefers Christmas.

It's a good thing he's cute otherwise we'd probably have a harder time dealing with his less cute moments.

In other good news, he woke up last night, as he usually does, but I was able to put him back to bed in his own bed, where he stayed for the rest of the night. I slept solidly from like 1 AM to around 5 AM. That is the largest block of sleep I've gotten in ages. And it felt marvelous. And of course I went back to sleep at 5 AM because of course I did.

Rachel got to go to a friend's house this afternoon, which was a nice change of pace. We all bundled up to walk her halfway there, meeting our friends halfway to drop her off, and it was, indeed, rather cold. I had the kid all bundled up before I had myself ready to go so they went outside and waddled around in the cold until I joined them. I brought Benjamin's stroller (so we could move faster than toddler pace) and a blanket (so I could wrap him up) out and when he saw me unfolding his stroller he came running.

"Oh, nice!" he cheered, climbing in.

We drove to pick her up because we decided we didn't want to repeat the walk. And we survived.

Currently? Currently I'm ignoring the children who are supposed to be picking up LEGO. And I guess they are; they're just doing it really slowly.

I'm just writing this and chatting with my friend Crystal on Facebook (thanks, Crys, for keeping me sane since 2006) and trying to come to terms with Snow Day #5 coming up tomorrow...oh, and the snow in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday next week.

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