Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Dresses

My dresses from eShakti came today and even though I'm over six months pregnant I couldn't wait to try them on. And they were magical—not at all like trying on something from the store! They magically fit across my shoulders and around my arms and through the bust, were long enough, and were just the way I wanted. That never happens!

I can't say much for the waist right now. I didn't exactly measure my waist. I just took a number listed on the sizing chart from a swimsuit place I used last year (LimeRicki—linked to the sale page, of course, since that's the only page I've ever visited—where you can find cute swim suits that'll actually cover your body and they have my size which is cool because finding swim suits in a store is nigh unto impossible).

I had two different gift certificates for eShakti, both set to expire the beginning of March and I shopped on a day when they were having a 30% off sale (evidently I should have waited for today; they're having a buy 2, get 1 free sale). It was awesome because I don't think I've ever had that much money to shop with all at once! I shopped around for hours (literally; it was sad) trying to find designs that would be forgiving of waist measurements. I found two that I thought would work. They both came with belts. They also both button so I can wear them while nursing.

Rachel, photographer extraordinaire, took pictures for me this morning:

I tried on the blue dress first and it even fit over my belly, which made me a little nervous for sizing, but I think it will be alright. My belly hasn't quite pushed up into my rib cage yet and that's where the dress is most fitted. So while it's a little loose it'll be fine. It's also jersey knit so it's rather forgiving.

The red dress has a side zipper and, to be honest, it's not zipped up in these pictures (but I won't have any trouble zipping it up after Zoë's here). It's a little more fitted and the fabric isn't as stretchy as the blue dress (in fact it's not really stretchy at all) but I think it will be fine once I'm actually able to try it on. At any rate it will fit better than anything I could have found in a store (clothes shopping is the worst—seriously)!