Sunday, February 15, 2015

I don't like that wind

Last night we were under a wind advisory from 7 PM to 6 AM and it sure was howling out there. I can't actually remember if the warning was for wind speed or for wind chill but whatever it was, it brought a chilly "arctic airmass" down to us, fast. We went outside once to look at the trees and stood on our balcony barefoot and without sweaters. It was freezing and snowing when we opened the door again just minutes later.

Benjamin was beside himself with worry, which might be an inherited fear because his daddy was terrified of wind when he was a little boy (and I'm totally interested in further research in this area because I've thought fears could be inherited for years now).

"Mom! What's that sound?" he called from his bed.

"It's the wind," I answered. "Go to sleep, baby."

A few minutes later he said again, "What's that sound, Mom?"

"The wind," I said. "Just go to sleep."

"What's that sound, Mom?"

"The wind."

"Mom! What's that sound?"

"The wind."

"Mom! What's that sound?!"

"It's still the wind, sweet boy. Please be quiet and go to sleep."

"What's that sound, Mom?"

"The wind."

"What's that sound?"

"The wind."

"Mom...what's that sound?"

"Benjamin, it's the wind. It's a windy night. It's going to be windy the whole night. If you hear a strange noise, it's the wind. Don't ask me about it again or I will close your door," I finally said in exasperation.

"I don't 'ike 'at 'ind," he sniffed from his room.

"I know," I said. "I'm sorry. I don't like that wind, either. But you have to go to sleep anyway."

Side story: At the basketball game yesterday when Benjamin got bored I started playing the opposites game with him, which is just where I say a word and then Benjamin gives me its opposite. It super fun.

I say "up," he says "down." I say "big," he says "small." I say "night," he says...


I laughed and gave him a little snuggle, wondering if I should correct that one or if, for him, it's actually true. For him, perhaps the opposite of night really is sleep. Sometimes it seems that way.

But in spite of the wind, Benjamin was eventually able to fall asleep and he slept clear until 1:30 in the morning when I heard him fussing in his room. I ignored it at first, waiting to see if he was really waking up or if he was just fussing in his sleep. But he was really waking up.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" he screamed, which is unusual for him because he's pretty well trained to walk to our room under his own power and curl up on the floor. So I got up and made my way to his room instead.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" I asked.

"That sound!" he wailed.

"It's the wind," I sighed. "Still."

"It's a monkey sound," he whimpered, using one of his hilariously unexpected synonyms. In this case, when he quite clearly says "monkey" he's actually saying "monster," but monkey is also clearly "monkey" and while he loves "monkeys" he hates "monsters."

"I want to sleep in your room," he begged. "Help me go there!"

He was too scared to even get out of bed, poor boy.

I grabbed his pillow and (current) favourite blanket (the one with the monkey on it (a monkey monkey)) and he grabbed his sippy cup and his puppy and we made the scary walk together.

He didn't sleep well. We were all a little groggy in the morning. We had to be to church by 8:30 for choir practice, and we made it there on time, too. Then Andrew gave his talk. Benjamin hung out with me instead of going to nursery because he was a little touchy today (and is on the tail end of a cold as well, which probably means he'll keep coughing for a month or so because he's Benjamin and coughing is his specialty).

He almost fell asleep once while I was snuggling him (and once on Andrew's lap) but both times he shook his head and said, "I'm awake, I'm awake!"

Good thing, too, because there's nothing worse than a napping baby at church, am I right?

We prefer ours squirming and screaming the whole time.

You should have heard Benjamin screaming during (second) choir practice. Andrew had taken his blanket away because he'd been hitting Rachel with it, but I didn't know that. Benjamin came up to me and sobbed, "He took my blanket away!" So I just thought someone was teasing him and said, "Then go take it back." Benjamin went to retrieve it and was unsuccessful in his quest so he came running and screaming back to me (I was on one side of the platform and Andrew was on the other and choir was going on so we weren't communicating with each other, except through the two-year-old (it's a faulty method)) that Daddy wouldn't give him his blanket.

He was sitting on my lap wailing and Andrew shrugged at me to ask what was wrong and I was like, "Holy cow! Give the boy his blanket back!"

But obviously that was too many syllables to mouth across the room so I mouthed, "BLANKET! GIVE ME THE BLANKET!"

Andrew gave it to Rachel and she ran it over, tossed it to me, and Benjamin buried his face in it, relaxing with deep, shuttering breaths, just in time for closing prayer.

Once we got home we were all quite ready for (and got, thanks to this cold that has the astounding ability to knock my son out cold) a long and luxurious nap. 

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  1. Yay for naps! Yeah, the wind sounded like a roaring bus going up and down my road. My parents lost power for a couple of hours. Sorry it was so disturbing to Benjamin!