Sunday, February 15, 2015


In Rachel's entire life I think I've not sung a lullaby (or twenty) to her before bed only a handful of times. She'll wait up until midnight to hear a lullaby if she has to (and has).

It's not even like I'm an amazing lullaby singer. Lately I've been stuck on I Am Like a Star and that's the one song everyone gets. Except Benjamin. He's kind of in the twenty lullaby zone right now, but his sisters have been weaned down to one and there they'll stay.

Miriam, though? She misses lullabies all the time. I think she's missed lullabies a handful of times this week. She's been sick and has been falling asleep so fast that I can hardly get to her. She falls asleep while I'm singing to Benjamin. She falls asleep while I'm doing the dishes. She just...falls asleep...which is so weird.

Tonight she was being wild and crazy—kicking people and climbing all over everyone during skype. And Benjamin was jumping off the couch. And the two of them were twirling around in circles all over the living room. Once we'd finished skyping with my parents we did scriptures and prayer, read two short stories, and then the kids were sent straight to bed.

I sat down at the computer and was like, "Phew! The kids are in bed! Goodbye crazy, hello quiet!"

I looked at a draft of my niece's graduation announcement that my sister sent to me and I gave her some feedback. Like, for example, I told her that the year is 2015 now. It's a mistake anyone older than age ten would make—and that's why you always have someone edit your work. I remember laughing at silly adults who couldn't keep their years straight when I was a little kid. But then I turned into a silly adult and I can't keep my years straight and it just keeps getting worse.

Anyway, ten minutes later—ten minutes—I went in to sing to Miriam first because I'd missed singing to her so many nights in a row and was starting to feel bad about it. So I figured Benjamin could wait (he was having fun jumping on his bed, anyway). But Miriam was fast asleep. Completely zonked.

In ten minutes!?

Meanwhile, Benjamin's, like, jumping on his bed and Rachel's getting all hyper because she overheard Andrew tell me that DPS announced school will be released three hours early tomorrow, pending this huge snow storm that's due to arrive at like 8:00 at night (so getting out of school at noon is totes justifiable (winky face, south—you know I love you and your snow fearing ways (I love a lot of things that drive me crazy (but honestly, delay school, let school out early—I don't care; half days are awesome. Just don't cancel a day because making up snow days bites))).

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