Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Closed for COVID-19

All of our parks are—rightly—closed due to pandemic precautions. The walking trails, however are—mercifully—still open (so long as we keep our distance from non-family groups, etc). 

Here's one little playground that we passed by on our scooter/walk this afternoon:

After several days straight of rain and nearly two weeks of being at home we were ready for some fresh air and scenery beyond our backyard. We waved at a few people also walking on the trails, but didn't have any contact with anyone, so it seems like a safe way to stretch our legs and avoid cabin fever.

Here's another playground we strolled on past (stopping to play isn't worth the $1000 fine or 60 days in prison (which my girls pointed out would be a silly punishment since some prisons (like the ones in Utah) are emptying out as many prisoners as they can, releasing non-violent offenders in the wake of a COVID-19 outbreak within the prison)):

We waved at the swings and the slides but stuck to the walking path and enjoyed the sunshine.

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