Sunday, March 29, 2020

Music Videos for Mom

My mom asked if my kids would record some videos of them playing primary songs on the ukulele, so...we tried a few. A lot of the songs this year revolve around a sequence of chords that my kids aren't entirely comfortable with. For example, it's hard for them to fly into Em for 'Book of Mormon Stories,' so we played it a little slowly, but here it is anyway:

'Dare to Do Right' has become one of my default lullabies for the kids (it's a short song, what can I say?) but I learned that I've been singing it to them wrong! I've always sung "do it so bravely, so boldly, so well..." but the words are actually "do it so bravely, so kindly, so well..." You can probably hear my kids hesitate on that word. I'll have to make an extra effort to sing it correctly—because it is important to do things kindly!

The kids found 'When We're Helping We're Happy' to be much easier to play, even with that Gm chord in there (a chord my children't aren't unfamiliar with but tend to be uncomfortable with):

We need to practice the sign language for 'Love One Another,' so don't try to learn it from us...

The girls and I were supposed to sing in church a couple of weeks ago. It's a good thing church ended up being cancelled (rather, changed to home church (it wasn't truly cancelled)) because we weren't quite ready to sing in public. Andrew was supposed to accompany us (since he's the one who asked us to sing—with only one week to prepare!) but he hadn't learned the song yet. Miriam can play it fairly well, but not up to speed, so here we are attempting it mostly a cappella (plus a little wrestling between me and Zoë, who wanted to pound on the piano, and Rachel and Alexander, who also wanted to pound on the piano):

We thought it was a fitting song to sing on March 15, given that St. Patrick's Day was just a few days away. But it ended up just being a lovely song to learn for the month of March (without ever performing it).

Miriam and I made a few more videos this morning after we finished with home church. Here's 'Fath' (which had several chords we weren't familiar with so we took it nice and slow):

'Choose the Right Way' isn't on the list for the 2020 Children's Primary Program, but we recorded it anyway because it was right there by 'Dare to Do Right':

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  1. Thank you so much! Those were all so great!! request--Miriam playing some primary music or hymns that children would know (like Come Follow Me) on the organ!