Saturday, March 07, 2020

Passive-aggressive prayers

Alexander has reached the stage where it's always his turn to say the prayer. Even if it's not his turn to say the prayer there's a good chance he'll be praying aloud along with whoever's turn it is to pray (which is good because it means we've moved past the stage where he'd beg for a turn to say the prayer and then would just sit there in absolute silence while we prayed for him).

Today he "stole" two prayers by diving in and praying when it wasn't his turn at all, but his sweet siblings are mostly good sports about his naughty prayer-stealing ways. Only Zoë really gets upset about it.

A few nights ago (it really could be about a week ago now because I think it was the first night my mom was here last week) Zoë was asked to say family prayer for the evening. Everyone was kneeling down reverently, except for Andrew (who hasn't quite gotten to a full kneeling position with his knee yet) and Alexander (who was, for unexplained reasons, lying on the floor with his nose mashed into the carpet), so Zoë began her prayer.

"Dear Heavenly Father," she said.

"De-enly-fa-ah," Alexander mumbled into the carpet.

"We're thankful for this day," Zoë said.

"Bankbul day," Alexander said.

"We're thankful for our family."


"We're thankful we can have a good sleep," Zoë said, because she believes being thankful for things in advance is the very same thing as asking for blessings.

"Good beep and good deems," Alexander said, because he believes those two things should always go together (and because he's more of a paraphraser than a parrot).

"And we're thankful Alexander will stop copying me when I'm saying the prayer," she said.

"Alexander bay buh prayer," Alexander repeated while the rest of us once-reverent listeners began to laugh.

And he kept on echoing her through the rest of her prayer. She was a little miffed that he didn't pick up on what she was putting down, but that's alright. Eventually he'll understand that not every turn is his turn (and int he meantime he's getting lots of practice in).

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